How To Get Rid From Back Acne Fast

Acne is always a problem for teenage boys and girls. Acne can grow anywhere at your body from your face to your abdomen and legs but the most bizarre type of acne is found at the back of your body and is termed as the “back acne”.

how to get rid of back acne

You must have witnessed a lot of people with the facial acne but the back acne is as worse as the facial one. The reason is all the same for the back acne due to the over secretion of the sebaceous glands which results in the blockage of pores.

I will term back acne more deleterious than the facial one because it causes pain too. You can survive with the acne on the face but with the back acne it becomes pretty difficult to lie down on the bed.  So you need to make sure that you get rid of this back acne as soon as you can in order to live a good life.

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Let us look at some of the handy tips and tricks to counter the problem of the back acne

Getting Rid of Acne From the back

1 – Expose to more Air

The best thing to do is let in more air to touch your back skin or in simple words you can say that allow the skin to get the air. Because the skin of your back is much thicker than the rest of your body and there are numerous sebaceous glands present in that thick skin. The treatments you are using for the facial acne might not be very suitable for the back acne. So you need to revise your tactics and try to cover up yourself loose clothes so that the air can come in your back.

2 – Cotton Clothes

Start wearing the clothes that are made from cotton. Do not use the synthetic clothes because these clothes do not let the sweat on your back get dry easily and as a result sweat triggers the response of acne. As a result of this all bacterial growth flourishes in that area and so does the acne.

3 – Trim Back Hairs

backshaver for back hair

If you have lot of back hairs then its advised to trim or completely shave them. You can read more about this here.

4 – Don’t Wear Tights

Like said earlier do not wear the tight clothes that block the entry of air in your body. Always try to wear the loose clothes so you will be able to enjoy the fresh breeze on your back likewise remain free from the back acne.

5 – Clean your Back

Make sure that your back skin remains clean all the time. This is a very important thing to notice down because dirt and moisture is a safe haven for bacteria and it promotes the development of acne.

Avoid using a lot of fancy lotions and skin creams. Just make sure that you take a bath every day and the use of a shower gel at the back would be better for you.

6 – Use Anti-bacterial Soap

You can clean your back with the help of the antibacterial soaps that are easily and cheaply available at any market store. Anti bacterial soap not only removes the bacteria that causes acne from your skin but it also prevents the secretion of oil which is the main factor for back acne.

Suffice it to say, anti bacterial soap removes the underlying reasons and causes for the formation of your back acne.

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