How To Get Rid From Acne Overnight

Acne is a very serious and irritating condition that can happen to anyone irrespective of the gender. Usually it happens to teens who are going through their puberty. But not just puberty it can happen in the later stages of life too. The cause of acne is not known up till now but it has been said that it happens due to some hormonal imbalance.


Let us take a look at some of the methods by which you can get rid of the acne as fast as you can.

Getting rid of the Acne

  • It is said by some wise man that prevention is better than cure so you should first try to prevent the acne by keeping your body hydrated. The more your body is hydrated the lesser are the chances of development of acne on face.
  • You need to wash your face every now and then especially after some outdoor play because of the dirt which has accumulated on your face. Wash your face with some good soap or a face wash. If you do not wash your face then the acne will develop in no time.
  • There are different special soaps available solely for the treatment of acne. And these soaps should be used for external purposes only. Make sure if you have strong acne on your face that cannot be treated with anything else then you use these soaps because the use of these soaps will help reduce the acne of your face in about a week. Twice a day usage of these soaps is recommended.
  • Acne usually develops in the teens due to excessive sebum secretion by your sebaceous glands so you need to prevent the excessive secretion of the sebum by drinking water as much as you can.  There are dermatologists who refer the patients to some creams and gels which are applied on the skin for the treatment of acne and it is not a bad option to avail if your acne condition has become worsened with the passage of time. Silicon gel and Revitol are two main creams and gels that have become quite popular in recent times for the treatment of acne.
  • Some dermatologists also recommend the use of different medicines for treating acne effectively. Along with the creams and lotions.If these medicines are taken for a respective period of time then the chances are very likely that your acne will get treated in some days.
  • Ingesting fruits especially the citrus fruit which is rich in Vitamin C is helpful for treating acne. Although this is not fast remedy for treating acne but it will help in the long run and reduces the secretion of sebum too.
  • Vitamin E is also quite beneficial for treating acne. Not only does it remove the already present acne scars from your face but it also makes sure that no acne grows on your face again.
  • Application of lemon juice has alos been proved to be useful for the treatment of acne.