How To Get Rid Of Back Hair

Some men face the problem of back hair. Most of them are not bothered about it. But few men are eager to get rid of back hair. Day by day more and more men are opting for the same grooming rights as women. Specially men in the glamour profession are more keen on having a hairless back.

There are some treatments available for this. But few home remedies also work. Home remedies are easy, safe and inexpensive. So, people are more likely to give them a shot.

1. Backshaver

backshaver for back hair

Back shaver is one of the most popular methods for getting rid of back hair. They come in so many varieties. For example, there are standard razors as well as electric razors. The back shaver comes with a long handle. This is used to shave the back without any assistance.

The back needs to be cleaned at first in this process. Shaving cream needs to be applied for standard razors.

The process has to be done in a bathroom with a large mirror. The mirror will help to get a full view of the back. Another mirror is necessary to get the full view of the back. Both the mirror need to be face to face. These mirrors can be also used for checking if any spot is missed for shaving.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is another popular method. In this procedure, laser light is used to kill the hair roots. This ensures longer lasting hairless back. This a very expensive procedure. So, sometimes common men can not afford it.

This is not entirely permanent. Because new hair can grow. But the chances are few. Average cost of laser therapy is 400-600 US dollars.

3. Waxing

Waxing is another option. Waxing can be painful for most people. There are several waxing kits available in the market. It can also be done at salons. The back hairs are at first trimmed. The solution is applied. Then the supplied cloth is placed over the waxing area.

It is then left for some time. Then the piece of cloth is pulled over. It comes off along with the back hairs stuck to it. The process is repeated to clean the whole area.

4. Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream can be used. In this procedure assistance may be needed. There are so many options of hair removal cream are available in the market. There are too many brands to choose. The cream needs to be applied on the back. Then we have to wait for a while.

The waiting period is printed on the cream packet. Then after waiting period the hair is softened from the root. Then it can be cleaned away. Product’s instructions should be followed perfectly. The back should be washed with water clearly after the procedure. Use of hair removal cream for back hair removal is pain free and inexpensive than laser surgery.

So, this method is getting popular day by day.

5. Electrolysis


Last but not the least, electrolysis is used to remove back hair. This is an age old technique. In this process the hair follicle is being destroyed by means of electrodes. These electrodes pass electric current at the root of the hair.

The current passing through the root of the hair permanently destroys the root of the hair. It is a time consuming process. One hair is attended at a time.

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