How To Get Rid Of A Curse

It is not quite so common that we hear that people have been cursed or if they feel as if someone has placed a curse upon them. People who are cursed are often suffering one mishap after another. Often these mishaps may start off small but later on increase to a crescendo where it becomes almost impossible to get about with your day to day chores.

Normally curses can only be placed under three conditions and all three must be met in order to believe that you have truly been cursed. The first and foremost that you might have angered someone, the second that someone is able to cast magic spells upon you and the third that you truly believe that all the mishaps are taking place because of the curse. Though it might seem difficult to get rid of this curse, but by following these steps you will be able free yourself from this problem.

rid of curse

• The first and foremost and perhaps the most widely practised method in witch craft is to send that person who has cursed you negative energy back to themselves. This is done by creating a mirror box, place a few mirrors in a box and glue them tightly to the surface so that they don’t fall off, now place the person’s picture in front of one of the mirrors and close the box, all the while chanting his or her name and imagining all their negative energy going back to them.

• Create a magic poppet in your place to receive your curse. First construct a doll in your likeness and then chant the following “your name is ______, and I have created you in my likeness to receive all my curses from _______” when you do this, your poppet will start receiving all your negative energy. Be sure to place the poppet in a safe place away from you and get rid of it as soon as you believe that the curse might be over.

• You can even wash away the curse by taking protective baths consisting of salt, hyssop, rue and other protective natural elements. This way you can get rid of all the negativity surrounding you.

• You can try binding. Binding includes creating a poppet in the likeness of the person you believe is cursing you, after creating the poppet, tie a rope around their hands and waist, this way you can stop them sending you any sort of negative energy.

• People often recite the 37th psalm in order to get rid of the curse, though it may vary upon the religion you believe in. Some like to chant the Vedas as well. It all depends upon what you believe will stop the negativity from reaching you.

• The last method which you can resort to is to take help from a witch doctor. If none of the above methods seem to be working, you can approach a witch doctor who will help break a curse which just doesn’t seem to let you go.

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