How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Toe Nail

An ingrown nail can be very painful and the process of removing it even more so. An ingrown nail can cause you a mild to severe discomfort, depending upon how much it is pushed in your flesh. Ingrown toe nails are caused by the growth of the nail sideways into the flesh. Ingrown toe nail is often accompanied by soreness, redness and pain as well as a clear or yellow discharge.

There are several ways in which you can get rid of an ingrown toenail. Some people are more prone to ingrown toenails then the other, this might include athletes, often children with tight fitting shoes or mostly people with poor foot hygiene. Whatever the case it is often difficult to get rid of ingrown toenails. By following these methods you can easily get rid of this problem.

Ingrown Toe Nail

• First and foremost soak your toe in a tub of warm water mixed with a table spoon or two of Epsom salt. Try to soak your foot two to three times a day.

• Another way is to add a cupful of Listerine solution is a tub of warm water and immersing your foot in it for about fifteen minutes. Listerine has an anti bacterial affect. This will help soften the nail and also heal any sort of inflammation. Taking regular foot baths and keeping the area clean and free from moisture will help the ingrown toenail to outgrow faster.

• If there’s a wound at the site of the ingrown nail try treating it with an antibiotic solution like Neosporin. Remember the deeper the wound the more it will hurt.

• Another way of avoiding ingrown toe nails is to cut your toe nails in a straight line rather then a curve.

• Often ingrown toenails are also a result of ill fitting shoes. If you are getting several episodes of ingrown toenails it is a signal that you need to replace your current footwear with something which is more comfortable.

• If it is possible try and keep your feet well aired, this can be achieved by wearing sandals so that your nails are exposed to the air. This will help heal the wound faster

• Although some people also believe that rubbing coal oil on the ingrown toenail will help relieve pain and discomfort and also cause the in growth to leave its place.

• When getting a pedicure make sure that no metal instruments touch your toenails as this might cause injury. If its possible try taking pedicures at home.

• Last but not the least, if you believe that you have relatively softened your toe nail, try digging it out of your skin with the help of tweezers. After you have lifted the toenail try and place a bandage on the area where it’s been lifted so that it does not grow back inside. This will allow the nail to change direction and grow out in a proper way.

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