Get Rid Of Musty Refrigerator Smell (Odor Removal Tips)

How to get rid of musty refrigerator smell? A huge pet peeve of most of us is that stinky smell we get when we open the refrigerator smell, unappetizing. If planning on going on a diet keeping your fridge smelly may be a good idea but cleanliness is still a better way to live. Getting rid of the doors is difficult.

The odors tend to seep into the plastic or moldings of the refrigerator. Even after cleaning the fridge the odour still remains. We’ve all tried using bleach to remove the smell and most of the time the stink stays. Here are some tips to try get rid of that forsaken bad smell before contemplating on buying a new one.

6 Effective Tips To Get Rid of Smell in Refrigerator

Find a place where to store the contents of your fridge. A place that won’t be easily contaminated since it may take some time before the odor to disappear from the fridge. Use ice on foods that need to be preserve, keep everything in one place so it is easier to put everything that didn’t need to be thrown out back into the refrigerator.

Remember to not put the food back in when it still smells musty. Try investing on containers that preserve the food and doesn’t allow it to oxidize a lot.

1 – Clean it

Firstly, clean the refrigerator. Turn off or unplug the appliance before cleaning. Remove the contents and throw away the stuff that are about to expire and are expired. Through scavenging the refrigerator you might find the cause of the putrid odour. Clean the inside of the refrigerator and make sure nothing remains.

2 – Baking soda

baking soda
baking soda

Baking soda is something all homes must have. Dissolve it in a half cup of water and use this to clean the refrigerator.

Remove the rows and shelves, clean them with some soap and disinfectant and let them dry. Clean the inside of the refrigerator with the baking soda to remove the musty smell.

3 – Drip tray

It’s the part of the fridge where the water goes when we defrost. Remove it and throw away the dirty water. It’s really important to clean the drip tray because it becomes moist and warm, a place where bad smell and bacteria start.

You can clean it with soap and disinfectants, then just soak it in water and good old’ baking soda.

4 – Coffee Grounds, Oats and Charcoal

These three are really good at absorbing or neutralizing smell. You can pick from any of this that you have and find an empty hollow bowl to put it in and leave it on the refrigerator. Leave it in for a few days until the smell goes away.

Use Charcoal
Use Charcoal

You can still leave it in even after the smell disappears. Putting in a new bowl of charcoal even after the smell goes away, can help in maintaining the smell of the refrigerator.

5 – Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is really helpful with removing the foul odor of the fridge. Try using vanilla extract and baking soda and leave it on the fridge for a day the smell completely disappears. You can also try putting some vanilla extracts into cotton balls and leave it on the different shelves of the fridge to help remove the smell faster.

6 – After Care

When the musty smell is gone, make sure to keep it that way. Always check your fridge once a week and see if anything is expired and needs to be thrown out. When planning on turning off the fridge make sure the food inside won’t spoil. Be aware of the dip tray, see if it is clean and remove the water when needed.

Do you know a useful tip to get rid of refrigerator’s smell? Share it in the comment section below and we’ll add it to our list.

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