How To Get Rid Of Paint Smells

Remember when we shared with you some tips on how to get rid of Gasoline Smell¬†and the smell in your refrigerators? Today we’ll talk about how to get rid of paint smell. When we paint it gives odour that spreads all over the room, the reasons behind it are the use of chemicals in the paint and the many layers of paint which is essential to keep the paint for a long time. So the many layers of paint create intolerable odour for sensitive persons. Many people feel sick living in the longer lasting smell of paint.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and colourful painting. But the smell is acceptable to none. So removing the smell is necessary to have a comfortable life in a newly painted house. There are some processes of getting rid of those smells.

Paint Smell

Get Rid of Paint Smell:

1) Prior to painting the doors and windows mix a little amount of vanilla extract with the paint. It would get mixed nicely and no extra colour other than the paint would be visible. After painting your room you would feel yourself surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers.

2) Earth-care bags are very useful in this system. To remove the paint smell of a room after painting you have to hang up the earth-care bags from the various point of the ceiling. Earth-care bags are used as odour remover. It is a natural process so it would not be harmful for anyone.

3) One of the simplest processes is to open the window of your house and put a fan at one corner to draw out the fumes. Though it would not be as much effective as to remove odour in a minute but it is totally natural and it has no harmful effect. The environment would work itself to remove the smell of your room.

4) In removing the paint smell of the kitchen active Charcoal is very much effective. Active Charcoal has oxidant which absorbs the odour .To do this you have to put small particles of charcoal in a bucket and then put the bucket at the corner of your kitchen.

5) If you have an addiction for coffee then you can use fresh coffee grounds in this process. You have to put them in a bowl around the room to complete this process.

6) You can light a candle and let it burn for a few hours in the newly painted room .The flame of it will burn the flammable substance in the solvent. But keep it out of reach of children. If it seems to be much risky then you can place a few bucket of water to absorb the solvent vapour.
Though the water process is not as much effective as that of the candle but it is much safe.

7) Onions can also play a necessary part. You have to cut onions into quarters and set them out on plates at the corner of the room.

8) Place lemon slices on plates and keep them for a day or two in the room. Remove or change them as soon as possible, otherwise they will rot and create another bad smell.

The processes discussed above are the most reliable ways to remove the paint smells. These processes are very necessary in our day to day life. Most of the ways are very simple and the elements are easy to access. So after painting your house in any favourite colour there is no way to think of smells anymore. You just need to use any of these processes and live according to your own sweet will in your newly painted house.

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