How To Get Rid Of Springtails

Spring tails, though they might be harmless, are enough to render your plants almost incapable of flowering or growing at a good pace. The one creepy bit about these little fellas is that they can infest your homes and gardens in droves. Since they are so many in numbers, they often cause a certain fear to develop in people.

Springtails normally flourish in damp areas, like water logged soil or plants. If there’s a lot of moisture in your basement area, there’s bound to be a springtail infestation in your home. These little pests are also found in furniture which has retained some sort of moisture or has become waterlogged over a period of time. However if you follow these basic steps you will soon get rid of springtails

8 Excellent Tips to Control Springtails Bug

Prevent Moisture in Your House

The first and foremost thing which you must do to control springtails is to rid your house from all areas which accumulate moisture or which have become waterlogged over a period of time. Since springtails bug normally survive in damp and moist conditions, it is advisable to water proof your basement.

Moist or Waterlogged Soil

If there are springtails in your garden and are disrupting the growth of your plants, you need to make sure that the soil in your garden is not too moist or waterlogged. If you can, try watering your garden a little less. Though it may cause your grass to become yellow, you will soon be rid of these springtails, since they will migrate to a surrounding which offers more moisture.

Faucets Leaks

Try to fix any sort of leaks in the faucets of your home, if there’s continuous dripping of water, there’s going to be a real nasty springtail infestation.


Try to keep the area which has been infested lightened up. Since springtail bugs like inhabiting moist and dark place, illuminating the area might help you get rid of these pesky insects. If there’s a problem in your homes try to let in as much sunlight as you can, this will also keep the moisture to dry up. During night you may light up the area with the help of tubes or bulbs.


If the infestation is in your bathroom, then you might need to wash the area with vinegar several times. Though many people say that it does not yield results, you have got to be pretty diligent.

Chlorine Bleach

If you don’t have a problem with using chlorine bleach, you can get rid of springtails by diluting a bit of chlorine bleach with water and cleaning your bathroom with it. Though care must be taken when using bleach, its fumes can be damaging to both humans as well as pets.


If all the above do not help in any way, then you would have to resort to using insecticides, just make sure that the active ingredient in your insecticide is Pyrethrin. It’s quite effective in getting rid of springtails bug.

Moisture Free

Finally if you do manage to get rid of the little buggers, you might need to make sure that your home is moisture free and your garden is not waterlogged. Once you remove all the conditions which give birth to springtail infestation, your home would be free from springtails.

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