How To Get Rid Of Hangnail

Hangnails could be a real irritation to your skin, painful and hard to tackle with. What it is, is basically a torn piece of your outer skin or the cuticle tissue that dries up easily and starts to shed causing painful hangnails. Sometimes hangnails are also found to be bleeding and sore. If not taken proper care, this can lead to serious infection hazards.

So why does hangnail actually occur? These are specially subjected to harsh winters or cold climate when your skin gets dried up easily and the rough outer skin near your toe tips or finger nails start to peel off. Other than winters there can also be several other factors that lead to hangnails such as over moisture or your skin being exposed to corrosive chemicals like detergents or too much soapy substances.


If you are using manicure products make sure those are good enough and suits your skin. Bad manicure can also lead to hangnails.

Here are a few tips that can help you deal with hangnail problems:

1. Warm massage oils like coconut oil, mustard oil or olive oil are good for your skin. Use any of these or even other medicated vitamin enriched oils to drench your fingers inside and keep them oiled for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure the oil is warm for good results. After this wipe off the oil from your fingers and leave them overnight for your fingers to soak them up. This keeps your fingers moist.

2. To prevent hangnails you can use petroleum jelly to rub on your fingers and keep them overnight to let your skin absorb the moisture. You can also use it while getting out on work as petroleum jelly is not very messy. What the jelly does is keep your skin moist by creating a layer over your skin that prevents moisture escaping by evaporation. Petroleum jelly is easy to get. They are very common like Vaseline, lip balms or even moisturizing cold creams.

3. An easy homemade medicine is to soak almonds in water for about 12 hours. Then peel of the skin and grind them well. Add egg yolks, apple cider and honey to the mixture and blend them well. Now rub it on your hands well and leave it like this for some time. Better if you can apply it before going to sleep at night. That gives it ample amount of time to soften and treat your skin.

4. Plain yoghurt and organic honey also works equally well. Honey is in fact the most renowned for its medicinal values. You can mix honey and yoghurt and apply it on the worn out area. This protects you from infection, soothes your pain bleeding and prevents further hangnails.

5. Avocado oil is also very effective. You smash the inner flesh of avocado and apply it on your nail beds.

6. Other than this there are a few things you need to follow. Like no nail biting or cuticle biting once it starts to wear off. It just makes your pain get even worse. Make it a regular practice to use cuticle softener or even just basic oil on your fingers before a night time nap.

The last option is however to consult a dermatologist if hangnails really turn out to be a major issue and all these solutions fail.