How To Get Rid Of Lizards

Lizards are the only reptile species that may even take up your home as its habitat. At some point of time you find it really disgusting to have too much of these creatures to share your home with.

First of all it is essential to understand that lizards are not pests and they do not cause you much harm just by their mere presence around you. But the thing why most people hate lizards is because they don’t want to see these cold wiggly creatures scuffling around in their house. It is just due to this displeasure to your eyes and irritating feeling that you hate lizards.

how to kill lizards infographic
how to kill lizards infographic

Though lizards keep the presence of unwanted insects like cockroaches and beetles under control in your house but still if you want you can drive these lizards away and here how.

8 Ways to Eliminate Lizards in The House

1 – Napthalene Balls

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Using naphthalene balls in corners of your house, under the sinks, toilet and kitchen racks helps to the lizards out of these places. They hate the smell of naphthalene. Besides, naphthalene ball also act as an insect repellent itself, so it serves as a dual purpose of keeping both lizards and insects out of your house.

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2 – Pepper spray

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It is a highly irritating spray made by mixing pepper with water. This spray if inhaled by humans or come in contact with eyes can causes severe irritation. So be sure to wear a face mask while using this. Similar effects of this spray will also take place on the lizard and they will flee the house.

3 – Onions

Onions containing sulphur produces an obnoxious smell that deters the lizards entering your house. It even keeps out small insects. So onion slices can be hanged on the wall around light bulbs or can be placed behind photo frames or wall hangings. Garlic can also be used in place of onions.

4 – Icy water

Spraying cold water on the lizard almost stuns the creature for some time. Lizards being reptiles cannot control their body temperature internally so spraying cold water lowers their body temperature making them inactive for some time.

The creature can then be captured and be disposed off somewhere else far from your house. But this process is ridiculous to some extent as you have to run after lizards all day spraying water on them and throwing them off 🙂

5 – Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers

It is believed that lizards are afraid of peacock feathers so keeping peacock feathers in your house deters them.

6 – Pets

A very effective solution. Pets such as small cats or kittens can be brought to the house and due to their curious and playful nature they run after these wiggly lizards and scare them away.

7 – Flypaper

This is a cheap yet clever solution. You can buy flypaper and place in the hiding spots of the lizards like behind wall hangings, wall clocks, tube lights, and other cracks and corners. When the lizard walks on these flypaper they get stuck to it and when you return home at the end of the day, you can dispose off these flypaper with the lizards in them.

8 – Ultrasonic insect repellent tool

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This is a good solution however the device is not found in all countries. It is an electrically operated device that produces an ultrasonic sound that causes irritation to the insects , lizards and even rats present in the house and drives them away. Limited stock available at amazon, grab it while it lasts.

These are a few techniques you can adopt to drive out lizards. But be careful, once the lizards go out insects come in, so you must have a solution for that too.

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  1. Today I found a lizard in my car but before I remove it, It went under my dashboard. I have a 2017 toyota camry and now I don’t know how to remove it. Please help me with it.

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