How To Get Rid Of Fordyce Spots

Fordyce, name given after an American dermatologist, is a skin disorder that affects man and women of all ages. People with this skin disorder have small red or white spot in many part of their body especially in the shaft of the penis, scrotum, vermilion border, or labia. Fordyce has several names: Fordyce’s spots, Fordyce granules, and Sebaceous Prominence.

Doctors have found that sebaceous glands in our skin cause Fordyce. Sebaceous glands that open to hair follicles secrete oil that goes up the hair shaft to make them oily. However, in some people, sebaceous glands are incorrectly positioned and they do not have an open to hair follicles.

As a result, they do not have an outlet to discharge oil produced inside the glands. Therefore, sebaceous get trapped in skin resulting the formation of small spots.

Fordyce are not harmful or painful. As there are no outlets opening to outer skin, bacteria or other germs cannot enter it; therefore, Fordyce does not lead to bacterial infection. Fordyce, is not dangerous to human health, is not considered as decease by doctors.

However, Fordyce can cause embarrassment to people who have it. Fordyce may give an unattractive look to the person depending on its location in the body. For example, if you have Fordyce in vermin border, you might worry how others think of it.

Similarly, person with Fordyce in genital areas might feel embarrassed if his or her partners see it. Fordyce has more physiological effect than physical impact.

4 Effective Tips to Treat Fordyce Spots

There are some recommended remedies for Fordyce. These methods help you to control the Fordyce spots in your body.


wash your hands

It is vital to maintain a good hygiene. Although Fordyce is not caused by bacteria or virus, but bacteria can easily grown on those spots. It can lead to other diseases; therefore, you must always maintain a good hygiene if you have Fordyce in your body.

Eat Garlice

One way to control Fordyce is to control the food you take. You must take food that reduces the amount of oil in your body, and take foods that contain antioxidants. One of the natural remedy is to eat garlic, which contain antioxidants. Vitamin A, B, C, and C are also good supplement to add to your daily food intake.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal Therapy

Some doctors prescribe hormone therapy for Fordyce. According to some researches, variation in hormone level causes Fordyce spot. Some hormone increases the discharge of oil in our body. Therefore, some doctors recommend hormone therapy for Fordyce, Cosmetic surgeons use laser treatment to cure Fordyce.

They remove Fordyce spot with a laser beam, but it is expensive and leaves few scars on your skin. If you have a serious problem with Fordyce, you can discuss with your cosmetic surgeon and consider the possibility of removing them with the laser treatment.

Tretinoin Treatment

Tretinoin is a popular treatment for Fordyce You can buy it from market as gel or cream. When you apply it for few days, red spots disappear from your skin. However, you must consult your doctor before you consider this treatment.

Fordyce, disorder in our skin, is not a disease. However, if it causes anxiety and embarrassment, you must consult a suitable physician for treatment.

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