How To Get Rid Of A Beehive

Been stung  is one of the most worst and painful experiences a person can have. That’s why even if people like honey, they cannot stand the idea of having a beehive around.

Few home remedies can be applied to eradicate these beehives. For further problems professionals need to be contacted. For the safety issue, calling professional help is the best option. But before that following remedies can be applied.


Getting Rid of a Beehive:

Use Bee Keepers Veil

When removing beehive one should be properly dressed with the appropriate clothing. Dark colors should be avoided. Dark colors attracts  bees. Gloves should be worn. Beekeepers veil can be used for further protection. Perfume and scent should not be used. Bees may misjudge perfume and scent with flower scent. These can divert their attention toward you. In short, there should be no exposed area of the body or any distraction made to the bees.

Allergic Reaction


People being allergic to bee venom should not attempt to get rid of it. The venom of bee sting can cause minor to severe problems. The person stung by a bee can have swelling of the lips, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea etc.

It can also cause low blood pressure. If someone is stung by a bee he should immediately remove the stinger off the skin by scraping the skin. For further protection a doctor or professional should be contacted.

Protective Screens

Beehives are located in various locations. They can be in tree branches or inside home. Beehives within the walls, such as chimneys are more difficult to remove. Protective screens can be used in chimneys to prevent beehives. Beehives of the houses can ruin the wall paint by the intact honey inside it.

Afternoon Extermination

The best time to remove beehives is afternoon. In the afternoon most of the bees are in the beehive and in this way most bees are exterminated. Bees are also less active at this time.

Insecticide Spray

While spraying the insecticide it should be applied through the opening of the hive. Repeated applications are required. After removal of beehive the area should be cleaned properly with anticipative liquids. All the possible areas should be checked for bee entrance.

Use Bee Smoke and Fire


Fire can be applied instead of insecticide. There should be a water source somewhere near to make sure this does not burn down the entire house or tree. Bee smokers can be used to calm the bees and this makes the work easier.

Contact Local Honey Collectors

The beehive should be removed entirely. It should be disposed somewhere far in a plastic bag. If the beehive is not removed properly, then the bees will build a new one from the remains. Local honey collectors can be contacted if the hives contain honey. They can remove the hive for you also use it.

Call the Professionals

Professionals should be called for further assistance. If the removal of the beehive is difficult, it should not be attempted by an amateur as a bee stung can be sometimes fatal. Large hives should be handled by professionals only.

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