How To Get Rid Of Stickers From Books, Glass, Plastic, Vehicle, Wall

Sticker is a type of paper, clothe, plastic or any other material which has adhesive on one or both sides. It can be used to affix on wall, wood or on glass to decorate those items.

Stickers look beautiful but some times these create problems and it is necessary to remove them. First of all we should aware of different types of stickers because every type of sticker has different method to remove from different materials.

  • Paper Stickers
  • Polyester Stickers
  • PVC Stickers
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Poly Carbonate Sticker

Sticker are made from different types of material

  • Paper material
  • Synthetic material
  • Plastic material

In general stickers are glued on plastic, vehicles, glass and stationery items.

Now we will discus on different methods to remove stickers from different materials.

Removing stickers from books

To remove sticker from books we can use different method someone are given below.


Heat is used to release the adhesive from books we can used Iron or hair dryer first heat up the sticker from Iron (not direct iron) use some clothe or paper to sticker before iron and hair dryer is also used


Alcohol or petrol is also used to remove sticker from books (beware not use fire on doing this process this may be harmful)

Soft Clothe

Uses a soft clothe to remove the remaining adhesive from books.

Note: Nail polish remover can also be used to remove sticker.

Removing stickers from Plastic

Stickers which are stick on plastic are more difficult to remove.

Use the following methods to remove from plastic.


First of all try to use water to remove sticker from plastic, drop some water on sticker which is sticky on plastic.


If sticker is not removed from use of water then we can use soap as solvent to remove sticker from plastic. Place some water and soap on sticker and rub it to remove till it vanish or ends.


Oil can also be used from removing stickers from plastic, drop some oil on a small piece of cloth and rub it on plastic sticker smoothly for some time.

Dish Wash Detergents

Different types of dish wash detergents also used to get rid of stickers from plastics.

Alcohol or Methane

This material also used to remove sticker from platic but not use these material near fire.

Lemon Juice or Vinegar

If sticker is not removed from the above method Lemon juice or vinegar can also be used for hard adhesive removing from plastic.

Removing stickers from Vehicle

Many people decorate their vehicle from different types of stickers but as time pass these become ugly and unattractive so it is necessary to remove those from vehicles.


As it is mention before heat is a good source to remove any type of adhesive material from any surface. Always try to use heat source e.g. Hair Dryer on sticker for some time and then try to remove it.


Water has good quality of anti-adhesive material and it Hydrogen and Oxygen particle take a reaction on sticker and make them easy to remove.


You can also use detergent on sticker to remove but it should not be more chemical enrich to spoil the surface of vehicles.

Removing stickers from Glass

Some time we use sticker on windows glasses or car windows and after some time we need to remove those stickers then follow these steps.


Use some water on sticker to remove from glass, use water spray bottle for this purpose, apply some water on sticker and wait for some minutes and then remove it from glass.


If a sticker is not removing from water then we should try some detergents on glass sticker to remove it.

Removing stickers from Wall

Walls are decorated from different types of sticker and we have to remove it after some time from the following methods.


If wall is painted with high quality paint it is recommend using only hot water to remove sticker from wall because detergents and Alcohol or methane can change the color shades of wall
Lemon Juice or Vinegar: these are also good to remove sticker from wall, apply some lemon juice or vinegar or sticker from just a minutes and then it is easy to remove stickers.

Note: There are some special chemicals are also available which can be used to remove stickers from different surface like WD-40,Nail Polish Remover and Lighter Fluid

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