How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

Groundhogs also known as woodchucks can destroy your garden in a blink. So there are a few solutions listed below. You can get rid of them by adopting one of these solutions.


Getting Rid Of Groundhogs

  • First of all select a sunny day to develop your operation. This helps you as it encourages groundhogs to come out of their holes. Take about two cups of cloudy ammonia. Pour it in the holes where you are more likely to find groundhogs. Remember to wear gloves while pouring it. Ammonia should be handled carefully. Read the instructions on the container before using it. Then, try to leave that area. Groundhogs will start leaving where ever they are present. Keep observing until you are sure that your garden is completely safe from them. Repeat the activity for assurance. This will make sure that if there are any more groundhogs that exist in your garden.
  • Another solution is to have a heart trap method, but remember to check laws before taking this step as it is considered illegal in some societies. Get hold of a humane ‘have a heart trap’. These are cheaply available. Set the trap about 50 feet away from the hole of the groundhogs. Put lettuce, apples, leaves, bananas, or any other fruits at the back of the trap. Check in the morning as well as in the evening. When you catch one, wear gloves and put the cage inside the cardboard box and place it at the back of your car. Release the groundhog in the woods that you find near your house.  It will take some days to catch all of them one by one.
  • Moreover, Epsom salt can be used by sprinkling in the holes to make them run away. This will be required after wet weather.
  • You can also uncover the piles of junks like tall grass or tall weeds etc.., as groundhogs like to be covered, they would run once they are uncovered.
  • You can also use motions to scare away the groundhogs. Place moving objects in your garden like windmills, flapping small scarecrows etc..,
  • Plant alfalfa to separate them away from your garden.
  • Install a fence around your garden area to avoid the groundhogs from entering in your garden.
  • Do not use chemicals as they can be illegal to use on wildlife. Check the product label first as the chemicals should not harm their lives.
  • Especially not to use these chemicals in winters as the wildlife is unable to find new place to survive quickly.
  • Also big dogs can help you to get rid of them. So keep a big dog that can make them run away.
  • Plant a line of garlic near the entrance of groundhogs.
  • Spread blood meal or talcum powder around the area of your garden. This will help them run away.

In order to keep your garden safe from groundhogs, develop one of these methods that will prove to be helpful for you.

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