How To Get Rid Of Toothache Without Dentist

Pain in the tooth one of the most pestering things one can ever come across with. There are a lot of different reasons for the pain in the tooth and you cannot get rid of them all at once. Mostly, people consult a dentist to get rid of the pain from their tooth permanently but there are some other shot term methods too, for the temporary relief of pain.

11 Quick Tips to Relieve From Toothache Fast

Let us take a look at some of those methods.

Remove Food Particles

The foremost thing that could be causing pain in your tooth in the first place is the adherence or entrapment of any food particle. So take out your dental floss and remove that thing or brush your teeth. Make sure that there is no food particle remaining in your mouth. Gargle your mouth with the water and spit out the water after gargling. Make sure you do this procedure every day.

Chew From Other side

If you have pain in the left side of your mouth then make sure that you don’t chew anything on that side because it will only aggravate the pain. If you have a damaged tooth or there is small pestering hole in your teeth then cover it with anything so that painful area does not come in contact with anything you put in your mouth. This covering is for a temporary usage just before you are scheduling an appointment with a dentist for a permanent solution.

If the pain has worsened then you can always relieve it with the help of any pain medications. Acetaminophen or Aspirin are the most suitable pain medications for the relief of toothache. Dosage of the medications and these medications come with some side effects too so make sure you consult your orthodontist first before ingesting any pain relieving pills.

Topical Pain Medicine

You can also use any topical pain medications for the relief of the toothache. One such topical ointment is bonjela which is easily available over the counter in any medical store. Good thing about topical anti toothache medicines is that they do cause an awful lot of side effects. So these are safe as well and economical.

Cold Compress

cold compress
cold compress

Application of a cold compress is also very helpful for a transient relief of pain. Take some ice cubes in a cloth and apply them on the aching area/teeth. After some time you will see a significant improvement and the pain will be all gone.

Herbal Medication

There are some herbal medications too which can be of a great help. It has been said that the cloves can be used to relieve the pain you have in your teeth. To get rid of the tooth pain, there is nothing better than the usage of cloves. Cloves have numbness effect and they kill bacteria as well.

Salt Water

Rinsing you mouth with salt water can also provide relief to your aching tooth. Many people who don’t have any other thing can reduce the pain by gargling their mouth with salt water

Use Cloves

Another treatment is using of cloves which have natural numbing effect and help in killing bacteria. Whole cloves, ground cloves or clove oil can be used to reduce pain.

Use Garlic and Onions

At times, garlic and onions prove to be a best solution. These are traditional remedies for toothache and are considered to have anti bacterial properties that kill germs in the mouth. A piece of one of these vegetables between the infected area helps to release pain.

Bayberry Paste

Moreover, a bayberry paste is helpful when combined with vinegar and formed into a paste, helps to cut down on ache. It also strengthens the gum.

Use Ginger

For sensitive tooth, form a paste of ginger and cayenne pepper to apply on the tooth that has been aching to relieve pain.

Wet Tea Bag

Another solution is to apply a wet tea bag on the area that is being paining.

If these solutions do not end up to relieve pain, then the best treatment is to have an appointment with the dentist.

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