How To Get Rid Of Dry Hair

Getting rid of dry hair can be a serious issue for most of the people as they get concerned about their looks. With the rapidly increasing global pollution levels there are several threats to the health deterioration of your hair and dry hair is definitely one of them.

There can be many other reasons for dry hair other than just dry atmosphere and pollution. These can be lack of moisture supplied to your hair, lack of oil, use of harsh and very strong hair cleansers and shampoos that extracts the oil and all moisture out of your hair and gives it a glossy look chemically. It could also be due to overexposure to sun and dandruffs.

Dry hair

Nowadays, most people are a lot engaged in outdoor activities; so there is very little option that you can safeguard your hair from all these elements or even get proper time to treat your hair well.

But if you are truly caring and concerned about your hair, here are a few tips that might help you:

1. First one is definitely to keep your hair moist by conditioning it at least once in a week. Apply coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, or even castor oil in your scalp and massage it nice and smooth so that the oil penetrates deep into the scalp. Also apply the oil in your hair and tie up a towel around your head letting your hair soak the oil well enough. Keep it for some time and then take a shower.

2. Mayonnaise is also a good substance for treating dry hair. You can use it on wet hair sometimes with avocado oil to cleanse your hair.

3. Egg yolks are also very effective. All you have to do blend two or three egg yolks in a blender, mix with appropriate amount of water and mask the mixture on your head. Keep it like this for 15 to 20 minutes till the mask seems to dry up a bit and then wash it off with water. Rinse it well to clean properly. It is definitely not going to smell very nice but undoubtedly a very effective solution.

4. Another natural treatment is a mixture of mashed bananas and honey. The vital oils present in honey and in banana are good for your hair. Mix them well and mask it on your hair leaving it like this for about an hour or two and finally wash it off. Either with only cold water or a mild shampoo if necessary. Instead of honey you can also use olive oil or olive oil mixed honey etc.

5. Heated coconut milk mixture mixed with two tablespoon full of honey and water makes your hair shiny and glossy and prevents the dryness. You can apply this on your hair and mask it on your hair for half an hour before rinsing your hair well or before bath. It is even better if you can heat the mixture a little. And if you don’t get coconut milk, coconut oil also works equally well. Heated coconut oil is extremely healthy for your scalp.

These are all the basic instant remedies for dry hair. To prevent dry hair care should be taken regularly along with omega 3 fatty acid rich diet like nuts and seeds etc.

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