How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints

Every day we share with you useful tips on health and beauty. Today we’ll share with you tips on how to get rid of shin splints. Shin splints can be quite painful and can hamper in your training, but by following these useful tips in the article below you can easily overcome them. They are the result of high impact on your heels such as hurdling, running, long jumping, triple jumping, pole vaulting, and rope jumping.

Other factors that can be includes in it are old shoes, running surface, excessive training and running form. It is very important to know the cause otherwise it is not possible to cure it.

7 Tips Getting Rid of Shin Splints

Read the following proven solutions to reduce and eliminate them.

Get new shoes

If you have been running in the same shoes for more than three months, then it is very important to replace them. Running shoes take stress off your legs by cushioning every step you take. A good pair of shoes that fits well can help a lot.

Soft Surfaces

Run on soft and smooth surfaces. Try to find softer surfaces to run such as a grassy park or a dirt trail. Running on pavement creates extra stress on your legs. Do not switch back and forth from hard to soft during the same run.

Take Rest

It is also important to take rest if your shin splints have come to a point where they hurt even when you are relaxing and not training; then the best thing to do is to take a couple of days off. Avoid running when it hurts. When you feel that your shins need rest, try another activity like biking or swimming. This is another way of keeping yourself in shape without hurting your shins.

Lose Weight

This is important as this results in the pain that is caused in your shins.

Feet Exercise

You can also get rid of shins splints by doing feet exercise. This helps in building the muscles around your shins which will support your shins more while you are running. You may also start every run with a shin splint exercise. Also you can stretch your calf muscles. This will prevent lower leg injuries.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

You may also get a sports massage for treating many sporting injuries. This helps in breaking scar tissue as well as loosening calf muscle.

Ice Baths

Another solution is to take ice baths for about 8 to 10 minutes which should help. Make sure to sit back and rest after you have taken it.

Hot as well as cold therapy can be helpful with the blood flow. Keeping your feet in the cold bucket for about 10 minutes and then placing your feet into hot water for a few minutes, can do wonders for full recovery and relaxation of the muscles.

In order to get rid of your splint shines, it is very important to use any of the methods listed above so that you can get over with the pain it gives. If you know a tip that you would like to contribute, please comment below and we’ll add it to our list.

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