How To Get Rid Of Floaters

Floaters appear as grey or black spots, lines, blobs or cobwebs within the eye’s vitreous humour, which is transparent in normal condition. In the transparent vitreous humour, imperfections gradually develop because of aging. Most of the floaters are the result of degenerative changes of vitreous humour.

Floaters cast shadows on retina and when light passes through them, they become visible. They are of different sizes and these can appear alone or together with several others. Floaters are not illusions; they actually exist within eyes and float slowly before the observer’s eyes. Floaters are very irritating and in the long run, they can be harmful. So, you should not neglect them.

How to Get Rid of Floaters

There are some methods through which you can get rid of eye floaters. Let us take a look at them

Getting Rid of Floaters

• It is believed that a healthy diet can reduce the floaters. You need to take foods rich in antioxidants. The foods that contain vitamin A, C and E are the best resources of antioxidants. Fruits are essential in your diet. You have to avoid alcohol, caffeine and foods rich in fat. A good diet is very important not only to maintain your good health but also to lessen problem of eye floaters.

• With age, toxins increase in human body. The toxins can be the cause of floaters. To remove toxins naturally, you need to drink lots of water. Water not only removes toxins but also keeps your eyes hydrated. You should avoid too much sodium, if you are suffering from eye floaters.

• Try to follow a stress-free lifestyle. A relax lifestyle will reduce the visibility of floaters. Regular exercise like yoga can help you.

• Try to give your eyes some relaxation. Rub your hand until they produce some heat and press your hands on your eyes. The heat of hands will make you eyes relax. Repeat the process several times on the daily basis.

• Rolling the eyes can reduce the visibility of floaters. Roll your eyes in circular motion and you should roll them anti-clock wise and then clock-wise. Repeat the process for 10 minutes and do it on daily basis.

• Focusing on an object will help you to some extent. Hold an object in front of your eyes. Stare at the object and move it slowly towards your eyes. Continue focusing on the object and move it backwards. Repeat the process for 10 minutes. You can also do it with your finger.

• To remove the eye stress, you can apply aroma therapy. You need to massage your forehead between the eyebrows in circular motion with aromatic oils. Massage thoroughly in each direction for 20 minutes. When your eyes are stress free, eye floaters will reduce automatically.

• After a certain period of time eye floaters reduce automatically. Sometimes they are absorbed within the eye and this is a natural process. With time your brain adopts the floaters and you will feel less disturbed by them.

• Though floaters are the result of natural aging process, some cases may be different. So, you should visit a doctor to determine the cause of the floaters. If your floaters create problems like flashes of light or loss of side vision, you should not waste time to visit a doctor. You should talk to your doctor about surgical possibilities, if floaters cause much vision disturbances. But surgery may produce serious side effects. Doctors may suggest eye drops or antibiotics in case of floaters caused by infection.