How To Get Rid Of Folliculitis

Folliculitis is basically a kind of infection that affects the hair follicles and cause little itchy swellings on the skin. It occurs on almost any part of the body that grows body hair caused by bacterial infections. However it can also be caused by other fungus or yeast.

Hair follicles are tiny pouches on our skin from where the body hair emerges. So if you have more number of damaged hair follicles you are likely to be subjected to folliculitis.

What Causes Folliculitis?

Here are a few things that might possibly lead to folliculitis:

1. Tight Clothes

First is wearing tight clothes that constantly rub against your skin and cause irritation to your follicles.

2. Creams Overuse

Overuse of creams and lotions that are unhealthy for your skin or steroid type.

3. Excess Water Usage

Bathing in swimming pools that are not thoroughly treated with water cleansing agents. Or may be, you are having a steam bath or a hot tub bath in warm water. Warm water may cause your follicles to swell up.

4. Bruise

Next it could be a bruise or a bad untreated wound on your skin that got infected.

5. HIV or Diabetes

If you have a disease like HIV or diabetes that lowers your immunity. The symptoms of folliculitis are quite simple. They appear as red pimples on the skin that are itchy and often cause a terribly irritating burning sensation. And the itch just never seems to stop.

The pimples contain pus in them and may burst out painfully releasing the pus. Sometimes mild fever may attack the victim along with it. Pimples may be there on your arms, shoulders, thighs, groin or even on your scalp.

7 Tips to Treat Folliculitis

Here are a few ways you can adopt to prevent folliculitis or cure it:

1. Vinegar

Press the infected areas with a warm cloth soaked in white vinegar or Burow’s solution.

2. Shampoo

For scalp treatment clean your hair or beard everyday with shampoo that is not too harsh to your skin or follicles.

3. Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

Some people also treat their skin with laser hair removal as it completely destroys their follicles and there remains no risk of infection.

4. Bathe Regularly

To prevent folliculitis bathe regularly with a mild soap that is not too harsh to your skin. And clean all your body where you think might be the risk of getting infection.

5. Avoid Scratching

Don’t scratch too much to remove dirt from your skin. It may further lead to infection.

6. Use Clean Laundry

Use Clean Laundry

Make sure the towels and wash cloths that you use are well cleaned and dried up nicely. It is always good to dry up these items in the sun as sun rays kills most of the germs present.

7. Sunbath

Have a sunbath, not for too long but for a reasonable period that is good enough to kill germs on your skin.

But in spite of all these first consult a doctor to be sure that it is folliculitis and not just a heat rash or allergy. And hence get the proper treatment. If you know any other tip that can be helpful, please share it with us in the comments below.

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