How To Get Rid Of Carpet Odors

Carpets are a staple in many homes these days; they provide warmth, comfort and add to the over all appeal of your home. These days most people prefer to lay carpets in their homes. However it is a real pain to clean a carpet. Anything which is spilled on to it, from cigarette smoke, to food and drinks, as well as pet’s urine, tends to build up over time and leave a musky odor which can be quite nauseating.


Cleaning a carpet may not seem like an easy job, as its not something which can be chucked in the washing machine and left on its own. Cleaning a carpet of all previous odors require certain tips which need to be followed.

7 Tips to Get Rid of Carpet Odours

When these basic tips are followed it will help get you rid of most of the odours.

Spray Deodorizer

For a quick solution you may spray a deodorizer in the air to mask the odor, but its only a short term solution and often not a very good one, imagine the smell of pet urine combined with your favourite deodorant, pretty icky you know. So get that butt in to gear and get some carpet cleaning solution and get that odor out of your carpet for a long term solution.

Baking Soda

pet_odor_eliminator_being_used_on_carpet - Copy

You can try the baking soda method. For this all you need to do is sprinkle some baking soda all over your carpets and let it sit overnight, so that most of it is absorbed by your carpet. The next day you might need to vacuum the carpet, this will clear any sort of odor but is particularly effective for removing smoke odors.

White Vinegar Steam

Some people also use a steamer filled with white vinegar and steam roller it all over the carpet. The acidic content in the vinegar kills most of the bacteria thus in turn also getting rid of all past odors. These are quite natural methods and can easily be done at home without requiring tons of effort.

Open Air and Sunshine

If your carpet has a mouldy odour, you might need to take it out of the room and hang it out in the open sunshine. The sun’s rays will get rid of the mouldy smell and you could also try dusting it out. Now you need to take a bucket and fill it with water, 2 cupfuls of vinegar and about ½ cup of baking soda.

Use a sponge to spread this mixture all over the carpet. This treatment will get rid of any sort of mouldy odor.

Enzyme Carpet CleanerEnzyme Carpet Cleaner

If you would like to remove the smell of pet urine from the carpet, you need to take fast action and cover the urinated spot with a cloth to immediately stop the odor from spreading to other parts of the room. Clean the wet area, or rinse it with a detergent. If the urine spot is old, you might be required to take out your carpet and hang it out in the sun. Try applying an enzyme based carpet cleaner on to the carpet.

Change Carpet Padding

Finally if none of the above mentioned methods seem to help, you might have to change the padding of your carpet to get rid of any kind of smell. Some people even try and get their carpets dry cleaned to get rid of odors.

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