How To Get Rid Of Cowlick

Uncontrollable hairs in our head are known as cowlick. Those hairs are at different angle to others or they do not stay in line with the rest. These unruly hairs make us frustrated when we try to comb, ruining the hair style we like. Some famous and great personalities have suffered from cowlick.

Cowlicks are generally found on the top of your hair or at the front hair line. Most people are born with cowlick. However, they can be formed at any stage of your life.

You may wonder why these unruly hairs on your head are known as cowlicks. It is an interesting story. Cows express their love for young calf by licking them. When they lick young ones with their tongue, saliva make a spiral pattern on their hair. As uncontrollable hair on our head appears similar to this pattern, people have named them as cowlicks for centuries.

But human cow licks are not formed as a result of mothers licking the heads of their infants 😀 People are born with them and they remain forever with them. Scientist believes that the cowlicks are genetically determined, specially the number of cowlicks and their pattern.

Another interesting fact is that cowlick can determine your handedness – whether you have right handed or left handed hair. While right handed people have clockwise cowlicks, left handed people have anti-clock wise cowlicks.

5 Useful Tips to Treat Cowlick

Short Hairs

Short hair can help you to overcome cowlicks problem. With short hair, you can hide those uncontrollable tresses under the rest of the hair. When hair is too short, cowlicks appear normal and do not become prominent.

Perm Your Hair

Perm Your Hair

Another way to handle cowlick is to perm your hair. You can change the direction of your hair by perming. However, you should perm the areas where you have cowlick and you must clean the perm thoroughly.

In addition, it is important to select perm that match with your natural hairs. Therefore, you must select a beautician who can recommend you a good hair style that helps you to hide cowlicks.


Waxing is another way to address the problem of cowlicks. When waxing, beauticians remove cowlicks completely from follicles, but it is very uncomfortable and painful. However, you have to consult your stylist to see how it affects your hairstyle before waxing your hair.

Hair Gel

Perm Your Hair

Also, you can apply hair gel, or hair spray to control cow licks. You can keep the unruly hairs that cause your trouble under control with gel and spray. If you decide to apply them, you may have to select different hair styles that help you to hide your cowlicks. You must be ready to test different styles that suit you best.

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Bald Head

The best method to get rid of cowlick is to make your head completely bald. But it may not be an option for many. If advantages of having a bald head overweighs cow licks, depending on your personal circumstances, you can seriously consider having a bald head.

If you have a problem with cowlicks, you are not alone. Almost everyone has cowlicks. Some people do not care about it as it gives them a unique style, a personal signature, which is different from the rest of the crowd. What matters is how you look at it rather than what others think of it.

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