How To Get Rid Of Asthma

Asthma is a lung related disease. It is caused by the inflammation of bronchial tubes. There are several reasons that cause asthma, for example, environmental pollution, mental stress etc. But most people do not know the proper reason behind it. It causes shortness of breath majorly. Coughing and headache are other consequences.

Asthma should be treated properly. Because if it is not treated then it can lead to serious health issue. There is no permanent cure for asthma. But it can be controlled. There are several ways to control asthma and prevent asthmatic attacks.

10 Effective Tips To Cure Asthma

Below are some of the most useful tips to cure asthma.

Use Face Masks

Face mask should be used for mouth coverage. This helps to minimize contact with dust and dirt.

Use InhalersHow to Get Rid of Asthma

The most common and handy way to take asthma medicine is to inhale it. Inhalers and nebulizers are needed for this

Clean your AC and Carpets

If you use air conditioners (AC) in summer, then it needs to be maintained regularly by cleaning the chamber. This reduces the presence of dust. Also, if your house is carpeted, then you should clean the carpets as well, or if possible, just wrap them up as dirty carpets can be a major source of dust in air.

Avoid Smoking Cigarette

Smoking Cigarette is prohibited for people with asthma. Tobacco smoke increases the possibility of asthma attack and deteriorate health condition. Make your home smoke free zone. If any one of the family smokes, he should be asked to smoke outdoors. (Click the link if you want to know how to get rid of Cigarette Smell)

Dust Free Living

People with dust allergy should concentrate on a dust free living. For example travelling through mud road and living in mud houses can be harmful for them.

Exercise Daily

Exercising regularly helps to gain the perfect healthy body. This helps to minimize the chances of asthma attacks. Exercise does not always mean heavy gym work. It can be simply walk or free hand exercise. Eating healthy food is also very important. A good amount of fruits and vegetables should be included in the regular diet. A balanced diet should be maintained. Too much junk food should be avoided at all costs.

Stress Free Living

Try to stay happy and stress free all the time. Stress is an asthma attack booster. Take a deep breath to calm down in hasty situation

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera works as a magic for asthma patients. Aloe Vera can be boiled with water and then the vapor of that solution needs to be inhaled.

Allergic to Pets

Some people have asthma attacks due to pets. They are allergic to pets. In that case pets should be avoided. If anybody diagnosed with asthma has a pet he or she should find another home for the pet.

Allergic to Medication

Some medications does not suit an asthma patient. A doctor should be consulted to find out about those medications and drugs. Regular physical check ups should be done to avoid any unwanted occurrences. Doctors can be your best friend in this situation. Prescribed medications should be followed and taken regularly.

There are two types of medications available. First one is quick relief medicines. These medicines are used for quick relaxation. They can be effective for controlling the asthma symptoms. But they cannot work in the long run.

Another type of medication is long term medicines. These medicines can contribute to controlling symptoms and as well as attacks. These medicines need to be taken even when the patient is not having attacks. They help to prevent future attacks.

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