How To Get Rid Of Anger

Anger is a very natural reaction that people posses, owing to some uncomfortable situation in their surroundings.

It is due to the change in our body chemistry that we become angry and it is a very natural reaction of emotion.

But can we really get rid of Anger? Yes, we can. The key to control your anger is to control it before it controls you. For this you need to have a strong possession over your mind.

You should learn the psychology behind anger and try to find out the reason behind your agitation whenever you are angry.

This actually shifts your mental thoughts away from the sole reason that causes your anger and helps to change the chemical flows in your brain and cools you down.

What you do is in fact make your angry mind do something else than thinking about the mishap that caused your angriness.

So what can be done to control your anger? Here, are a few tips that may help you if you follow:

1. Identify

Identify what you are angry about or whom you are angry with. You may, write the reasons or the names in a piece of paper.

Now try to analyze each and every point very carefully and draw sufficient logic behind your reasons. Like, “why exactly did you turn mad at him”, “does he really owe you what he wanted for” “why didn’t he think twice before he went for that” “at least he should have informed me about this a day before”. Things like this.

2. Realize

Now once you have analysed the reasons. Try the next step of realization. This is nothing but very simple thing to do.

Suppose you are angry on your colleague for not having done his work accordingly as you said. So what you have got to do is sit quietly in your room and try to think about the situation from both your perspective and your colleague’s perspective.

What would you have done if you were in his place? And also correspondingly; how should he have reacted if he was in your place? Were your answers logical enough? Try thinking and imagining this way and you will soon find your anger go down.

3. Drink Water

drink water fluid

Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water to cool yourself off. When you get angry your body temperature rises. So, cool water helps to fight that temperature rise.

Do not drink coffee or any other drinks as it only acts in favour of anger.

4. Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths, will also help you cool down.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Do not consume alcohol, as it helps nothing but to heat up and dry your body.

6. Meditate

Yoga meditation

Young woman doing yoga in morning park for Relaxing

Other than these, you should meditate at least for 15 minutes every day. Meditation not only develops your spirituality and control over your mind but also keeps you physically fit. When you are angry upon something you do not want anything else to irritate you further although things like this are always present.

Meditation helps you decide what to perceive and what not. It is however advisable to meditate more and more as this is the only process through one can gain complete control on one’s mind. It is a permanent solution to anger control.

Other tips given above are just temporary solutions to cool you down and pacify your irritations. If you know any other tip that can prove helpful, please let us know in the comments below.

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