How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

Dark armpits are the most embarrassing situation that most of the women have to face. Most of the women avoid wearing sleeveless because of their dark armpits. Here are some tips of getting rid of dark underarms. You might also want to read How to Get Rid From Swamp Ass.

12 Tips To Getting Rid Of Dark Underarms

Lemon Massagedownload (2)

Firstly, massage of underarms with a lemon slice should be made a regular routine. It may irritate the skin a bit but this will give the skin a beautiful result. After washing the lemon from underarms, applying of a moisturizer is again a very good technique to soften the skin.

Potato Massage

Secondly, a slice of potato can even do a great job in making the underarms lighter. Potato slice is rubbed on the skin and can do wonders for you. Potato includes natural bleach that can get help in getting rid of dark underarms.

Wash Daily

bathe daily

Wash the underarms every day so that they can get rid of any deodorants, sweat and dirt. When taking bath, wash the underarms thoroughly with water to remove any particles of cloth or deodorant.


Apple cider vinegar when soaked in cotton pad to wipe out under arms and then rinse with water gently.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another remedy which can be added in water and apply that paste on armpits. Then wash armpits with water.

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