How To Get Rid Of Bronchitis

What Is Bronchitis? When you wake up in the middle of the night coughing with tightness in your chest and phlegm stuck on your throat. You may have bronchitis. Formally bronchitis is the infection and inflammation of your bronchial tubes. There are two types of bronchitis;

Chronic Bronchitis – Bronchitis caused by external factors like allergies, pollution and cigarette smoking (second hand smoke) People with low immune systems can get chronic bronchitis. Long exposure to harmful gases and chemical can trigger Chronic Bronchitis. Chronic Bronchitis can be determined by your attending physician.

Acute Bronchitis – Caused by sudden illness or the result of a virus from flu or cold. There are times the cause of acute bronchitis can be caused by fungal infections or bacteria but it is very rare. Viruses from bronchitis can be passed on like most viruses. It can be passed on by exposing other people to the viral particle like coughing in closed rooms. Touching door knobs or hand rails without proper sanitation. Acute Bronchitis eventually goes away.

If left untreated other complications may arise like pneumonia. If suffering from any severe heart and respiratory problem to contact their physician immediately to prevent further problems. Infants and seniors should be treated as soon as possible because of their weak immune system.


Some Symptoms of Bronchitis

• Different colored mucus or phlegm
• Fatigue
• Tightness in the chest
• Shortness of breath
• Continuous coughing
• Irritation on the throat

Get Rid of Bronchitis

Get a Lot of Rest
Do your best to get that required 8 to 10 hours of sleep. If the coughing keeps you awake at night, do not stress yourself out. Avoid heavy manual labour and just lay down. Lay your head down and keep your body at rest. Sleep helps the immune system to recover faster. Without sleep and rest your body won’t be able to fight back to the bronchitis virus. Avoid doing activity that can cause you from coughing like exercise or carrying heavy things.

Water is Key
Keep yourself hydrated, drink a glass of water every hour or 2 hours. It keeps the body functioning properly. Water relieves the congestion. Always talk to you physician some people with underlying illness may not drink or intake as much water as normal. You can intake fluids like all natural juices and drinks to help dehydration.

Warm Drinks/Soup
A great way to relieve some of the symptoms of bronchitis is drinking warm fluids. It helps the mucus to be diluted and easier to cough out and lessen the irritation on the throat. Warm broth soup can be helpful it is easy to intake and is nutrient filled. Garlic soup can help the healing process because of the ingredients of garlic. Teas, herbal teas that are made to treat throat problems are really helpful to treat bronchitis and keep you hydrated.

Salt water can be gargled to lessen throat irritation. Salt water isn’t supposed to be drunk because it may cause dehydration.

– Smoking and Fumes
Avoid anything that may irritate your lungs. Smoke can cause coughing fits and we all know that is painful. Cigarettes are bad in general. Pollution can cause the bronchitis to worsen avoid places with severe pollution.

Use over the counter cough medicine when the coughing becomes incredibly irritating that you can’t function normally. Cough suppressants can help to minimize the coughing. Read the labels of the medication and take the required amount and stop when all symptoms are cleared

If problem becomes too severe go to the doctor and they will prescribe you with antibiotics.

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