How To Get Rid Of Waterbugs

Water bugs are bugs or small insects which gather around water and dwell in it. These are counted as one of the worst house oriented pest problems. They are attracted to food and water.

These are roach like creatures for example, cockroaches are not pleasant to kill and are not easily controllable. So dealing with these creatures can be a nasty thing to do. But there are always ways to solve these problems and deal with them.

How to Get Rid of Waterbugs

Getting Rid of the Waterbugs

• Unused areas and corners of the house should be cleaned out. Clutter needs to be cleaned properly to destroy their residing place. Each and every nook and corner of the house needs to be checked for water clogging. Dusting, sweeping and cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis. Moisture creates perfect weather for them to reside. So, moisture should be controlled.

• Kitchen needs high consideration while cleaning. This is the area where water bugs get supplies of food mainly. So kitchen sink, cabinets, stove corners needs to be cleaned properly and timely.

• Proper lifestyle is a good way of preventing water bugs. If people are habituated with eating in one place, for example dining room manner, then it is far easier to deal with the problem. Because there remains only one place to be concerned about and not the whole house.

• Food and water supply should not be left exposed. These horrible creatures feed on the exposed food and live on for generations. Food can be stored in plastic air tight containers to prevent them from being attacked by water bugs. Even pet food needs coverage because water bugs can live on them too. If pets are sloppy eater they should be trained or proper care should be taken so that no food is left on the floor for water bugs.

• Foods need to be stored in the refrigerator or cabinets to avoid production of water bugs. Waste foods need to be properly dumped in trash cans. These can should have lids on. For more protection, plastic bags can be used inside these trash cans.

• Run vinegar or other chemicals through drain, for example sink drain, bathroom drain etc. These drains are more likely to be a heavenly place for these creatures to dwell in. These drains need to be cleaned with lots of water and mops.

• Clean all the unused mess around. Unwanted paper, containers, etc. need to be dumped. Used containers and all are needed to be cleaned for a certain interval of time.

• Clogging of water should be strictly prevented. Clogged water is the best living element for them. Tree pots need to be cleaned regularly. Special care is required during rainy season. Rain water needs to be perfectly drained out. Roofs need to be checked for clogging of water in this season.

• Pest control can be done in the final stage. When all the home remedies fail an expert hand is needed to control these little monsters. They use poisons and harmful chemicals to prevent and kill them. These chemicals are harmful for humans too. So, proper guidance and expertise is required. Otherwise we might poison ourself which may cause diarrhea and other deseases. Calling an expert is the best way to solve the problem without troubling or harming any of the family members.

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