How To Get Rid Of Black Widow Spiders

Black Widows are a dangerous species of the eight legged freaks containing highly toxic poison that can paralyze an adult human being if not kill him, just in a single bite. It is true that spiders prey upon unwanted bugs and insects, just like lizards and keep your house insect free; but in the case of black widow spiders; you would certainly prefer the prey in your house than the predator.

Black widow spiders are usually named so; because some people say that the female of these spiders eat up the male after mating. It even has a bright red patch on its lower abdomen that is highly distinguishable to make you understand what you are dealing with. They are usually common in the western world especially in the US and also in Australia.

When you find two many of these brutes around your house, you must find some ways to get rid of these. So how do you get rid of black widow spiders?

7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders

Let us see what you should do to exterminate these spiders out of your house:



First of all you must identify the spider. The very easy way to do is to check out for its coal black color, spindly legs and the red hourglass mark on its abdomen. Having a length of about 1.5 inches. These are mainly nocturnal and hide in small cracks and are extremely difficult to find in day time.

Dump old Furniture

Clear away all the waste firewood or old furniture and other dumps around your house. Black widows prefer cold and dark places to settle in and these make their ideal habitats. Clear and clean your garden bushes and remove big stones or rocks under which a black widow can hide.

Make sure that your doors and windows are well sealed at night when you close them. Also clean your store rooms and high held kitchen racks, light holders etc.

Soap Water and Lemon Oil

To prevent the black widows entering your house, clean your house frequently with soap water and lemon oil. The scent of lemon oil often deters the spiders away. Other than lemon oil there are a lot many things like peppermint or spearmint oil, ground chestnut that you can keep around your house in small bits, also eucalyptus twigs etc.

Squash them

The next thing to do when you find out too many black widows sharing your residence; is to kill them instantly. Squashing them with heavy boots is the easy way but not suitable as they come out only at night when you are fast asleep.

Insecticide Spray

Insect SpraySo spray insecticide in the crack where the spider is hiding. Make sure the toxin comes in contact with the spider. You can also use vacuum cleaner to suck out spiders and throw them in the trash can in some sealed packet of course. But while doing this be alert as black widows are aggressive and if you miss them they might attack you in return.

Destroy its Egss

Next job is to dispel the eggs, grayish white that usually hang in the webs. Use a vacuum cleaner for this to suck up the eggs and dispose them off. Do not crush or break the eggs as that might release hundreds of tiny hatchlings too fast for you to catch them all.

Pest Control

However, if you find that all these methods are still not working in case of over infestation of spiders. Make sure to keep everyone safe and call for the pest control.

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