How to Get Rid From Musty Smell from Towels

Must smelling oozing out from the towels is a very common problem faced by almost everyone who uses towels after bathing. Sometimes you do not recognize what that smell is or why is it coming from the towel? But if you gaze closely you will see the mildew growing on the towel that is causing all the problems. This smell can be very nauseating and not everyone likes the smell.


Getting rid of the musty smell from the towels is not a big deal for anyone if proper care is given. But sometimes the mildew has grown to a great extent and it emits putrid smell that needs some heavy measures to get rid of. Let us see some of the methods by which you can get rid of the musty smell from the towels.

Getting rid of the musty smell from the towels

  • One of the best methods to get rid of the musty smell in towels is by putting the affected towel in the washing machine and then putting the vinegar in it. Yes vinegar is the main solution that will help you get rid of the musty smell oozing out from your towels. Make sure that you use the hot water with vinegar and let the machine run then. You must not add any kind of soap or detergent or bleach in the water at this time. Give the time to vinegar to act.
  • After sometime add the baking soda or laundry soap in the washer and then rinse the towel in the washing machine. Make sure that you do not use any other kind of fabric softener or stuff in the washing machine. After performing the above mentioned task you have to dry the towel and it is a very necessary step that cannot be avoided.  Dry the towel in the drier and dry it completely. Do not take out the towel from the drier if it is not completely dry. After taking out the towel from the drier hang it up outside in the attic or in your garden so that the towel can now absorb proper sunlight.
  • Another method that is used frequently these days is the ammonia method. The procedure of this method is pretty same as we have discussed above except for you add ammonia instead of the vinegar in the washing machine and you can use a detergent too. Add the hottest available water because hot water has more potent effects than the cold water. Dry the towel and then hang it outside in the proper sunlight.
  • Sometimes the smell persists in the towels and in that case you need to soak your towel for a night. After washing anything, make this a habit that, you smell it. If the rotten or musty smell remains in the towel then soak it immediately.
  • Make sure that the chemicals you are using can damage your towels if used in excess so you have to be very cautious and use the substances in proper amounts.

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