How To Get Rid of Pet Odor or Urine Smell

Healthy pets normally do not have bad odor, but the unhealthy pets do. The known cause of pet odor is yeast metabolizing secretions normally skin oils and bacteria. Areas that skin is dark and moist–under the tail, skin folds, mouth and ears —contain the most concentration of bacteria and yeast and the most pungent smell.

Bacteria and Yeast are found on the skin of every pet, also healthy pets, but most of these organisms are kept at bay when skin is healthy. With aged pets or diseased, the skin is unhealthy and the number of bacteria and yeast rises. As the numbers rises, pet odor increases.

Bacteria and yeast result into itching or pruritus. Pets scratch and as result, blood flow is increased to the area. Blood increase brings about swelling, inflammation, and heat hence, pet odors become even worse.

Another reason for pet odor is the urine on the couch, floor or carpet.

Home Remedies for Pet Odors (Dog and Cat)

You don’t really have to buy expensive cleaning products just to keep your house clean free off dog odor or cat odor all the time. In fact, there are several products that you can easily find at home and things that you can also do to rid your home off pet odor.

1. Baking Soda

This is a very effective cleaning product and home deodorizer that neutralizes different odors at home. It can eliminate unwanted odors at home such as smelly carpets and upholstery caused by pets.

Just sprinkle a reasonable amount of baking soda into the carpet and leave it there for about 20 minutes, vacuum the area afterwards.

2. Vinegar

Another effective cleaning product for common household chores is white vinegar. White vinegar has the ability to disinfect and at the same time deodorize most areas in your house. It is one of the cheapest yet effective household cleaner you could ever find.

You can use it in your living room to get rid of odors caused by pets simply by boiling a mixture of water and vinegar. Don’t worry if vinegar odor will permeate the area where you use it for this will only be temporary.

3. Washing Upholsery

Washing Upholsery
Washing Upholsery

Washing bedding, curtains and towels will ensure that any foul smell that is lingering is eliminated. Wash beddings with detergent and add a bit of baking powder to ensure your fabrics are smelling fresh and a free from any pet odors.

4. Using perfumes

Lightly spray furniture and rugs with an enzyme formulated spray to kill pee smell and maintain an odor neutral environment.

5. Using Potpourri scented candles

Place scented candles or potpourri in locations that are strategic. Don’t go overboard, just place candles or potpourri in bathrooms, closets and hallways.

6. Allow for sufficient ventilation

Air-out rooms by leaving windows open and changing air filters for a fresh start.

7. Clean Your Pet

Among the most important intervention for an effective odor removal is to ensure that your pet is cleaned at all times. If you choose to disregard this task, then you would find that your pet will sooner or later get smelly.

So, instead of ignoring it, you could always check on your pet from time to time, and clean them every time you start to notice any slight odor. But, because of most sensitive skin of animals, you would also need to search for mild shampoo which you can use without irritating the skin of your cat.

8. Vacuuming Your Home

Aside from that, you would need to have your home vacuumed. This intervention is cheap and easy, and could go a very long way to control pet odors. It should never be disregarded as this is very quick.

You just simply run your vacuum at least twice or thrice in a week, and anything less than that would have your home very vulnerable to cat / dog odors.

9. Pee Smell Removal Products

In reality, there are a lot of dog and cat odor remover products which are available everywhere. If you want to choose the best quality product, then you might want to look for ones which are made for both odor and stain removal.

10. Medical Check-Up

After you have done all the above and the strong pet odor persists, there may be an underlieng medical condition.

How to Remove Cat Pee From Carpet

Many people enjoy keeping cats and dogs as pets in the home. Cats are often quiet and obedient and make great pets. However, there are times when keeping cats in the house can be a real pain. This is especially true if the cat starts acting out and urinating on the carpet.

Cat Urine Smell carpet

Getting cat urine out of carpet can be a very challenging process. There are a variety of home remedies touted on the Internet along with a number of commercial products available which claim to get urine stains out of carpet and rugs. The trick is learning what to believe and what to dismiss.

Cat urine can be a very bad problem to deal with. The reason cat urine is so hard to get out of carpet is because it crystallizes when it dries. The cat urine will soak through the carpet fibers on the top and run down into the backing and may spread out on the floor below.

Once this urine dries it forms these crystals underneath the backing which is almost impossible to clean out.

Effective Home Remedies to Eliminate Cat Odor

Many home remedies designed to eliminate cat odor recommend using vinegar to neutralize the urine. This is a mistake many people make because vinegar is an acid. Cat urine is also an acid when it is in liquid form; therefore, you cannot neutralize an acid with an acid. This is not to say that using vinegar to clean the area will not work.

Even using plain water on a cat urine spot while it is still wet may be enough to dilute the urine so that it does not crystallize. This can be accomplished by pouring hot water or a vinegar solution if you wish, directly on the wet urine spot and stepping on it to make sure it soaks into the carpet.

You can then place towels or paper towels over the spot and step on them to soak up the diluted urine. If you repeat this process two or three times you should be able to take care of most of the spot.

If the urine has dried then it is a different story. You will probably have to buy some type of enzyme pet odor remover to take care of the urine crystals. These liquid products should be applied just like you would water to a wet urine spot.

The area should be thoroughly soaked in order for the product to come in contact with all the urine crystals. Keep in mind a urine spot may be twice as big underneath the carpet as it is a top since the urine will tend to spread out once it reaches the flooring.

Nobody wants their carpets to become really stinky but this may be because of the circumstance of having your pet as part of the family. Removing the pet odor can be undeniably tough if you do not have any idea how to go about it.

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