How To Get Rid of Flabby Arms

When you want to do that slim fit wear or go out sleeveless, it may be quite difficult if you have those big and flabby arms. Both genders have the same problems with their arms. Women want toned and slim arms while the men prefer the big and muscular forearms. Saggy arms are not really pleasant because they make your arms look considerably larger than they actually are.

Your arms may have becoming fat, flabby and unpleasant over time because maybe you have not been watching your diet, and you’ve not been working out.

However, considering that the damage has already been done its wise for you just to concede defeat and admit that the damage is already done. Now you need a contingency plan that will help you get the situation under control.

15 Best Exercises of Flabby Arms

Here are some of the arm toning exercises that will help you burn the fat in the arms and give you the much desired toned arms.

1. Chair dips

This method is not only effective but also easy to do because you don’t need a specialized area. All you require is a chair or bed, and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, anything that’s a little off the ground but stable would do too. The exercise will require you to be in an almost seated position with your hands on the edge of the raised area, with your knees bent and buttocks unsupported. The movement will mostly be concentrated in your shoulder area.

This not only tones your arms but will also work your back muscles. Don’t be tempted to use a soft cushioned surface because you may not get the best results from doing so. The furniture to be used should be at least 2 feet off the ground.

You need to have a set of the repetitions that you’d prefer to use. However, you must ensure that you push your body to the limit if you want to get the best results.

2. Push Ups

This is one of the hardest of the muscle toning exercises especially if you a have a massive torso. Initially, it may be hard to get the balance. Nevertheless, you should first practice on how to balance on both your hands and your knees. This is one of the workouts that will give you abs without any equipment.

You should start off at a slow pace by using the knee push-ups. Progressively you can go for the normal push-ups. Maximum muscle toning and strengthening are what you should be on the lookout for.

If you adhere religiously to your routine, then you will be able to build your muscles and tone your arms making them much firmer and pleasing to the eye. After doing three sets of ten daily, you may be able to wear whatever you wish with lots of confidence.

3. Arm circles

arm circles exercise
arm circles exercise

One of the most popular toning exercises for flabby arms. Nevertheless, its effectiveness can never be underrated in the toning, shaping and firming of the forearms. The impact is not usually that intense and this exercise can be intensified by holding some kind of weights when working out. The weight is for you to choose, but it shouldn’t be something that’s too heavy.

The exercise requires that you be up on your feet placed apart to be almost equivalent to the width of your shoulder. The arms should be extended to towards the sides of the body at 90 degrees.

You can do some sets of preferable 50. Rotate your arms in the forward direction so that they seem to make some sort of circle. Reappearance the same process but this time, with arms going towards the back. The exercise is very efficient and does an excellent job in toning the entire length of the arm.

4. Single arm lateral press

This is not for the beginners because it requires that the practitioner is in perfect shape physically. This particular exercise is one of those exercises that are really power intensive. If you are looking for power and the eviction of the jiggle, this might be just what you need. The exercise helps you cut the fat really quick.

You should be initially in the push-up position, raise one of your arms to the side of your body. Now stretch the arm that supporting you on the ground and ensure that it’s entirely straight while holding your other arm parallel to the floor. Keep your upper torso stable and repeatedly try to lower yourself on the arm and then rise again. Shift to the other arm and repeat the process. There must be a pain if the fat is to be burnt; persevere.

5. Alternate arm and leg lift

This is one of the drills that will leave you feeling the lactic acid afterward. The training works out several body parts simultaneously and comes up with the much-desired results. The arm and leg muscles are strengthened while the back muscles are stretched. Integrate the exercise into your routine for the adequate growth or formation of muscles.

Get down to a crawling position. While still on all fours, with your palms directly under your shoulders, raise your right leg, so that is parallel to the body. Now with your right leg up stretch your left hand in front of you until it’s also straight.

You can increase the pressure by flexing your foot. Now change to the other foot and repeat the procedure. You can repeat the process for more sets of say 20. Eventually, you’ll have toned arms and improved balance.

6. Mountain climber

mountain climber exercise
Mountain Climber Exercise

This is one of those exercises that work a number of body parts simultaneously. The exercise is more intense on the arms basically because they are in a static position, it’s also one of the finest ways that you can burn fat because the mountain climber targets the midsection also and you can be able to shed lots of fat.

Assume the pushup position with you spine neck and legs in a very straight line. Ensure that you’ve put the pressure on your midsection. Lift one of your feet off the ground, without putting it on the ground, slowly move it towards your chest and back to its original position. So this with the other leg too.

It’s imperative that you set the time that you’d want to the exercise to last. Nevertheless, let it be intense. However, if you feel exhausted, there is always some other time.

7. Biceps curl

This has to be one of the most typical workouts for flabby arms that you’ll find anywhere. The bicep curl works the arm with the aim of strengthening it and making it way bigger than it is. The exercise is also a good way to tone your arms and get rid of the excess fat.

The best thing is that the exercise is simple enough to be done with the equipment’s that are relatively light. You don’t have to go to the gym; you can get some weights from the convenient store or improvise some of your home appliances.

Stand straight with the weights in both your hands. Place your elbows on the side of your torso and ensure that they don’t lose contact. Now rotate your palms till they are facing each other.

Now raise one of the weights to somewhere near your shoulder. Hold the stance for a couple seconds and lower the weight. Do the same with the weight in the other hand. Repeat the process for a few sets. In a few weeks, your arms will be in great shape.

8. Spider Pushups

This is one of those improvised pushups that ultimately has the same goal, helping you tone your muscles. Here, not only the arms benefit but also the abs and the legs. Your arms will have their work cut out for them because they have to maintain the balance while remaining in the same static position. This is one of those positions that will tone your arms and your entire body as well.

Assume the pushup stance and while in the same position lift one of your legs, say the right foot. Just the same way you do a normal pushup, swing the raised leg to the side of the body with the knee bended and try to reach your elbow with the knee. Reappearance the leg to its original position and raise your body to the initial position. Repeat the procedure with the other leg and do a few more sets.

9. Plank

plank exercise
Plank Exercise

You might want to think about it as one of those simple exercises, but you’d be wrong. These are one of those exercises that will push you to the limits. The arm muscle will have to rise up to the challenge because they will be really tested.

Get down and take the standard position for pushups. Lower your elbows until they are perpendicular to your shoulders but not necessarily on the floor. With your body still straight, keep your midsection tight. Set the time you are to stay in the position and use the time for all the repetitions you might need for every set.

10. Counter push ups

This exercise is mainly on stability, which has to be offered by the arms. The training can be undertaken on any raised platform say a table or the kitchen counter. This is one of those exercises that you may want to assume are simple. Compared to the traditional pushup, it’s simpler because gravity is reduced. However, that doesn’t limit its muscle toning capabilities.

Put your arms on the edge of the kitchen counter. Take a few steps off the base of the stand until you are in a comfortable, leaning, but straight position. You have to keep your back straight. Preferable be standing on your toes.

Now slowly lower your body towards the counter and raise yourself up again. Repeat the process a few times and you will realize your body will be quite under pressure and more specifically the arms.

11. Scissors

Most people usually do this exercise as a way of relaxing their back muscle. However, this is one of those ways that you can use to shed the fat quickly from your body, specifically the arms. The name is adopted from the movement of the arms because when one is practicing, the arms resemble scissors.

Stand straight and lift your arms directly in front of you until they are the same height as your shoulders. Stretch your arms to the sides and bring them to the front again. As you progress, the arms should overlap in the scissors motion. You need to find the repetitions that will suit you best. But the trick is to push yourself to the limit.

12. Kettlebell swings

kettle swings exercise
kettle swings exercise

One of the most talked about kettlebell exercises because lots of focus, balance and strength are needed when swinging the kettlebell in the front to back movement. This practice requires that you be in a good standing position.

Additionally, you should have immense grip strength, and your arm should generally be in good condition too. Letting go of the kettlebell while swinging might result in injuries.

Hold the kettlebell with both hands and bend a little at the hips. At the same time, let your back be straight from the neck region. Pull back the kettle and let it go back between your legs. Your back should be straight all along.

Use your legs to swing the kettlebell back to the chest level. You mustn’t use too much strength because it’s needed for the grip. The active power should come from the legs. Repeat the moving sets until fatigue starts to set in.

13. Weight press

Pressing still remains one of the significant ways to strengthen various parts of the body, including the chest the arms and the legs. Lifting a weight over the head requires that a person possesses excellent muscle control and balance because there can result in grave consequences if a person does not possess either one of the two. Great way to burn fat and tone arms.

Get the weight that you feel you can adequately press. With the weight at shoulder level. Slowly lift it to the highest point you can. After pressing lock your elbows and pause for a few seconds. Repeat the procedure with the other arm. It’s also advisable to have two weights at the same time. When you repeat the exercise in some few sets, your arms will get into the desired shape.

When you unfailingly adhere to your workout timetable, you will be able to get the much-desired results. Be keen to note that the results of exercising are not seen overnight, and you have to be patient if you are to observe any changes at all.

Also, ensure that you stick with the diets that have fewer calories. Exercise works best if you embrace the idea of taking a healthy diet. The next time you try to go sleeveless or wear that tight fit dress, you’ll ultimately be in great shape and no longer feel embarrassed.

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