How To Get Rid Of Minor Burns

The skin covers approximately 90% of the whole body and this makes it a vital part of the body. It also protects the body against any form of external injury. Although it acts as a protection mechanism of the body, it is vulnerable to the dangers from external heating sources like: open flames, hot objects or the sun’s rays.

When the skin gets burnt by any of the afore-mentioned heat sources, blisters may appear on the skin resulting to the formation of a scar.

If only the top layer of the skin is affected, a wound called a minor burn develops. The burn can be treated at home since it is less serious as compared to the deep burns. The following are home remedies of how to get rid of minor burns.

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5 Effective Ways of Getting Rid Of Minor Burns

1 – Using juice from fruits

Lemons and tomatoes are the recommended fruits because their juices are able shed off the dead skin and help in the rejuvenation of a new skin. The acidic property of lemon juice lightens the scars whereas the tomato juice acts as a bleaching agent that will cure the wound marks naturally.

To use these juices effectively, first wash the burn with cool water using a clean piece of cloth. Then blend a fresh lemon and tomato separately to form juices. After that, place a wet cloth on the burn mark and let it stay there for 20-30 minutes.

Dampen another cloth with the lemon juice and use it to dab the burn mark softly. After the area is dry, apply the tomato juice on the sore. This should be done twice per day on a regular basis to make it act effectively.

2 – Using Fenugreek seeds

fenugreek for minor burns
Fenugreek Seeds

In this method, you are to soak these seeds in warm water for 12 hours. After this, grind the soaked seeds into an even paste. Then apply the paste gently on the sore and leave it for about 20-40 minutes. When the paste dries off completely, wash it off with lukewarm water. Carry this out once per day on a regular basis so as to get quality and satisfactory results.

Using the Lavender essential oil – This type of oil acts as an antiseptic on the wound and will greatly reduce the pain caused by the minor burn. The oil will as well promote the rapid healing of the burn. When the oil is applied daily on the burn, the wound heals permanently without leaving any marks on the skin.

3 – Using the Yunani Cotton-Ash Paste

Colloidal Silver
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The paste has been proven to treat both deep burns and minor burns. If you cannot afford this paste, you can make one for yourself. To make one, take a large piece of cotton wool and burn it completely in a metal pot to form ash. Take the ash formed and mix it thoroughly with olive oil to form a thick dark paste. Smear the paste gently on the sore and cover it with a clean piece of cloth. Use the paste for 1 – 2 weeks depending on the pain experienced from the wound.

4 – Using colloidal silver

This silver has powerful antiseptic healing properties. With this property, colloidal silver has the ability to regenerate the damaged tissues of the minor wound. You can buy these colloidal silver bandages or ointments from any main burn units. In these units, you will be given the special instruction to follow when using the silver at home.

5 – Using a mixture of barley, yoghurt and turmeric

Take equal portions of yoghurt, turmeric and barley and mix them thoroughly to form a fine thick paste. Apply the resulting paste softly on the sore. This should be done daily every morning after waking up. You will be surprised that this remedy will offer satisfactory work after two weeks.


In conclusion, all the above home remedies of how to get rid of minor burns are not only cheap but are also very affordable. Since it is a minor wound being treated, the remedies will completely heal your skin leaving it clear. If you are still wondering on how to get rid of minor burns, you are wasting your time. Go for any of the mentioned treatment remedies and you will not regret about anything!

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