How To Get Rid From Sunburns

Sun poisoning or sunburn is arguably not a thing to acquire because it can become really nauseating once you get the sun burn. Normally people in the sunny areas do not face this problem as much as the people from the cloud covered regions. But this is not a hard hitting fact. Anyone who gets too much under the sun or who is exposes a lot of his skin to the sun can get sun burns. It is not a very complex disorder now because there are a lot of treatments available for the sun burn patients and there are a lot of methods by which you can keep yourself away from the sun burn.

There is a possibility that if your exposed to too much sun then you can even get the skin cancer which is dangerous. If you get the sun burn there is not a very fixed and immediate treatment for it. Every treatment requires time and so does the treatments of sun burn.

Let us see some of the handy treatments that can prevent you from having sun burn.

Getting rid of Sunburn

  • The easy method you can use to get rid of the sun burn is by cooling down your body with a wet cloth. Take a cloth and wet it in some cold water not in the ice cold water but in the cold water until the cloth is fully or completely impregnated. Then wipe your affected area with the cloth. It will not only cool down your body but it will prevent your body from getting different skin blisters and rashes that usually accompany a sunburn patient.
  • You need to take full body bath every day. Your whole body temperature gets rose up due to the sun burn and you need to cool it down so getting a bath every day is the best way to keep your body temperature normal. Place a tub of cool water and submerge your whole body in there and especially the areas that have been sunburned. This method has come out pretty effective for all the sunburned affected people.
  • Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to avoid sunburn. You need to rub your body with some cream lotion or gel to keep it hydrated. Majority of the people apply aloe gels to the body to keep themselves hydrated. This is a good way to not only keep yourself away from the sunburn but you can also apply it to the affected areas. Take a bath everyday and apply the lotions or creams or whatever suits you on your body afterwards.
  • There are some cases reported in which pain has been associated with sun burning. If by any chance you are the patient of sun burning and you are also facing a lot of pain then you can use NSAID (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen to keep your sun burning pain away.
  • If your skin starts to peel away then keep on applying the lotion or sun burning creams on that area. You do not have to stop doing that because it is better to do something than to do nothing.

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