How To Get Rid Of Headache

Headache is a terrible pain in head that can last longer than a day. Headaches can be of different forms. Firstly, the most common ache is migraines which can be worse than normal headaches. The headaches cannot be avoided because they are natural.

However there are a few remedies and treatments that you can use to get rid of it.

5 Quick Tips To Get Rid of Headache

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Avoid Food Additives

As far as the headaches are concerned, the causes include different aspects. Firstly, food additives should be avoided. These can cause serious damage to heads as they are artificial. Artificial sweeteners should also be avoided in order to avoid headache.

Artificial sweeteners and flavour enhancers react to some people which results as headaches.  Instead of using artificial sweeteners, it is better to go for stevia which is a natural sweet herb with no side effect and no calories.

Avoid ChocolatesAvoid-Alcohol

To overcome or avoid headaches, chocolate is a must to avoid. Alcohol, caffeine and beverages should be ignored because they are the real culprits that cause headaches. Cheese is another eatable that should be ignored and simply excluded from the eating habits.

Moreover, peanuts should also be avoided in order to stay healthy from headache. It is not important to exclude the entire list from your routine but a single thing should be avoided at a time so as to realize which thing is causing problem.

Add Tryptophan to your Diet

Tryptophan are 10 essential amino acids that should be added to the diet. These help to reduce anxiety, release stress and make the person feel comfortable. It also relaxes the tiny muscles in the scalp. These can be added in the form of supplements or by eating food such as red meat, turkey, legumes, nuts and seeds.



Lavender is also used by the herbalists so as to soothe the nerves that are jangled. It reduces inflammation that occurs in blood vessels and relieves muscles in the neck, around the eyes and in scalp. This herb can be kept at home in the dried form so whenever headache starts to occur, a teaspoon in the boiling water would help you relieve from the pain. It is a very useful solution.

Natural Herbs

Add Tryptophan to your Diet

Ginger, peppermint and cayenne are the natural herbs that can be used to relieve headaches. They also help in reducing nausea that occurs due to headaches.

If the above doesn’t help, then consult your doctor. One of the most common is CT scan which is a kind of x-ray of brain. It helps to see whether the headache is just an ache or there is some other problem such as tumor.

It is important for all those to get a checkup if they are suffering from severe headaches. It is not a minor matter as it can cause serious damage to health as well as brain. It results into blood pressure, nausea, nervous breakdown, brain hemorrhage, etc.

To avoid any such circumstances it is very important to have regular check ups and visits to the doctors who specializes in the particular field.

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