How To Get Rid From Worms

There are quite a few insects on this planet Earth which if not dealt with severity can become a real pain in the head for you. One such insect is the worms that can be easily found in any damp place in your home. Normally you will find them in your backyards, porches or in the gardens but it entirely depends on the kind of worm you are talking about. There is a worm known as tape worm which can be found in animals and if you eat some animal which is poorly cooked and has a tape worm then there are greater chances that the tape worm will reside in your intestines for some time. And then there are roundworms and then there are pin worms so to get rid of these worms solely depends on the type of worms you are dealing with. Let us take a look at different types of worms and how you can get rid of them.

Getting rid of worms

  • The largest type of worms that are found in the human population is the pin worms and they can be found in the human intestines and they cause a lot of infections in the humans. Getting rid of pin worms is not that difficult and all it requires is some precautionary measures. You need to wash your hands everyday for around 5-6 times so that you do not ingest any pin worm eggs. If by any chance the pin worm is detected by your doctor or family health physician in your stools then it is about time that you take some anti pin worm medicines.  The most common medicine that is used for pin worms is Vermox.
  • There is worm named as “roundworm” and it is normally found in the intestines of your pets like dogs and cats. It is thicker than the pin worm almost as thick as the spaghetti noodle. This worm dwells on its life cycle and in order to get rid of it you need to completely interrupt the life cycle of roundworm. It does not require a very lengthy time period but you need to give some medicine to your pet for around a month or two.
  • Hookworm is another variety of worms which can be found in your pets. It also resides in the intestines of the animals but it can also cause infection in the humans as well. To get rid of these hookworms you need to ingest Mebendazole or Albendazole. To get rid of the hookworms in humans you have to take the medicine twice or thrice every day.
  • Tapeworms can also be found in both humans and animals but the chances of the presence of these worms in humans are far more than in animals. These worms are transferred in humans through fleas so in order to get rid of these worms you need to get rid of the fleas first.
  • Another condition in the humans is the “ringworm” condition. Although these are not the typical worms, they are the fungal infections and are normally round like skin lesion develops in the affected individuals. A possible way to get rid of the ring worms is wipe your skin with the bleach.


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