How To Get Rid From Pleurisy

Pleurisy is basically the inflammation or swelling of the pleura (the lining of pleural cavity surrounding the lungs). It causes a lot of pain in the chest when you inhale. Expiration is not followed by pain normally.

It is important to note down that pleurisy is not a disease but a result of number of different conditions and typical symptoms that appear are – congestion while breathing, pain is followed when you breathe hard. Pain is normally localized but sometimes it can also spread to chest, neck and abdomen.  Pleurisy is caused by a number of infectious and non infectious diseases.

Getting Rid Of Pleurisy

Let us see some of the methods by which you can get rid of this health problem,

Use Antibiotics

There is no exact treatment of pleurisy because it itself is not a disease but a result of some other disease or infection. The best thing that can relieve the pain of pleurisy to some extent is to use ibuprofen or paracetamol. Although the infections can be fought by body’s immune system but to get rid of the other harmful substances and further enhance the immunity you need antibiotics.

This is the first step but be sure that you take antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor and do not quit until you take all of them.  If you are getting serious side effects by the antibiotics then do not overdose them.

Use Steroidal Antibiotics

If your disease is spreading then take some heavy antibiotics like the steroidal antibiotics. These steroidal antibiotics will not be highly recommended by the doctors because doctors usually give non steroidal drugs to the patients but in severe cases you need to have the steroidal drugs too. Steroidal drugs will alleviate the pain of pleurisy to a great extent. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs will help in alleviating some of the signs and symptoms of pleurisy.

Use Codeine based Syrup

To get rid of the painful cough due to pleurisy you need to take the codeine based syrup. It is a great thing to intake if your cough is troubled and you want to get rid of it but make sure that you consult your doctor before you take the syrup.

Take Vitamin A and C

Try taking in Vitamins because Vitamins are a great supplement and the good thing about Vitamins is that they cause no side effects. Vitamin A and C have proved to be pretty useful for someone who has an infection.

Pleurisy Root Tea

Take some pleurisy root tea in you because it will help cleanse out the excess mucous in your lungs and chest.

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Avoid Smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly the worst thing to have and you should quit it before you have some serious adverse effects. If you have problems quitting then consult a psychotherapist.

Take Deep Breaths

One thing you need to do frequently and make this as your prime habit is the deep breaths you need to take before making a cough. It keeps your lungs free of infection.

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