How to Get Rid From Mercury Poisoning

When we say mercury poisoning actually it is the condition of toxicity which occurs in the body due to the ingestion in small amounts repeatedly through oral cavity or inhalation of vapors and dust particles of mercury compounds from the environment. We can detect mercury poisoning by their early symptoms and can control the condition not letting it to be chronic.

It’s a volatile substance so this property makes this compound to be inhaled with other dust particles. The very cause of mercury particles in the atmosphere with many other pollutants is the industrial wastes. They also contaminate water affecting the sea life and eating seafood then produce toxic effects. Agriculture fungicides which are used to safe the food actually becomes poisonous due to containing mercury in it.


We can save ourselves from being poisoned by this heavy metal in various ways which are as following


  • Our foremost priority is to detect when we are suffering from it and then curing it with effective methods which are also called as hydrarygism and mercularism. Our mental activities get affected from it. When we say the mental activities it means that it’s a broad spectrum of abnormalities including dizziness and nausea etc. Affecting all the body organs causing excessive urination and stomach ulcers are the worst and most apparent ones.
  • There are various tests which can also help us diagnosing the mercury poisoning. The diagnosis should not get mix with yeast and candida infections which have exactly the same symptoms. Yeast gets attach to mercury molecule and it is increased in amounts, as for body immunity in response to heavy metals. So they should be removed from the body. The most accurate method is the Urine test to check the presence however, blood test can help but it is not considered to be accurate. Low thyroid levels can be associated with it.
  • Mercury should be detoxified and not removed from the body. We can do it by opening the detoxifying pathways in the liver and lymphatic system, preventing reabsorption of the mercury by ‘colon cleansing’ which help us get way from yeast and candida. The target is to produce two bowel movements a day It is easy to achieve in a healthy body. Doctors prescribe various drugs such as CP-1 AND 11 Strain powder to detoxify. Probiotics are given after the cleansing so that the movements become regular and the detoxifying pathways remain open.
  • The quickest way to get rid of the poisoning is by way of DMSA and Zeolite treatment. DMSA is a sulfahydral containg substance binds to cadmium, zinc, mercury and lead. Zeolite has no side effects as it traps the toxins to itself and binds with them and eliminates them from the body.
  • By adopting healthy approaches we can get rid of it by eating sulfur containing foods such as broccoli, collards, kale, garlic and other omega 3 containing foods. Approach to sauna can serve the purpose and hydrating the body will also help in detoxifying. These some natural ways can keep our body safe with no poisoning by opening the detoxifying pathways.