How To Get Rid From Eye Bags

You will see a lot of guys around you with the puffy and swollen Periorbital (around the eye) areas. These puffy areas are known as eye bags and it is mayhem for the beauty conscious persons. Although medically it is not very dangerous for your health but still when somebody walks with the puffy eye bags it makes him look like a disease person. So in order to look good you need to make sure you do not get the eye bags.

Normally the eye bags are hereditary and it has nothing to do with your surroundings. And these eye bags are the consequences of accumulated fats around your eyes. And the fat accumulates around your eye ball because of the weakness of the septum of the eye ball, the skin becomes elastic and the fat in the eye juts out making the periphery of the eyes puffy.
Let us talk about the methods by which you can get rid of the eye bags.

Getting rid of the Eye bags

  • The most cheap and easy way to get rid of the eye bags is by the excessive use of antioxidants. Eat foods high in antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, blueberry, strawberry, walnuts etc. Eat fruits because fruits are the best way to keep your skin healthy.
  • Also try to ingest the foods that are high in antioxidant content. Antioxidants are good for your skin because it fights with the free radicals in your body which have proved to be the major source of skin damage. So larger the amount of fruits you eat lesser are the chances of developing eye bags.
  • Sleep is another best way to counter the problem of eye bags. There is a saying that” lack of sleep can cause you death more early than the lack of food” so it is better to have good night sleep in order to avoid these pesky eye bags. Lack of sleep makes your skin paler and it damages it to the very last core so try getting sleep of almost 7-8hours. And make sure that while you have the eye bags, sleep with your head elevated and not on sideways.
  • You must have seen a lot of beauticians placing the cucumber on the eyes of the women in the beauty salons. Well it is a good way to reduce puffiness of your eye bags or the skin around your eyes. You should include this as your daily treatment because it is a great way to get rid of the eye bags. Place the cool cucumber on the eyes for around 20mins and you will see the different in a few days.
  • Take the right amount of vitamins and drink plenty of water. A study has proved that water reduces the puffiness around the eyes.
  • If the above mentioned tricks do not work then there is always the option of using the medicines to counter any health related problem. A lot of different eye gels are available in the market to shrink the puffiness of your skin and they are available at cheap rates. You should consult your dermatologist first before using these gels because some gels contain some chemicals that, if not used properly, can damage your skin or eye.

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