How To Get Rid Of A Fetish

A fetish is normally sexual in nature especially if you are aroused by things, objects or people which are normally not considered sexual at all. A fetish often renders people incapable of having normal relationships. Many people keep their fetishes well hidden from their partners or the people around them, often because of a fear of rejection.

A fetish is normally quite harmless and if someone indulges in it time to time, its normally not something which can be a cause of alarm. However if a fetish goes out of control, it might make person become a sort of a pariah and also cause great amount of mental stress, for the person involved in that particular fetish.

8 Useful Tips to Get Rid of a Fetish

1 – Stop Condemning

The first and foremost thing you can do to get rid of a fetish is to stop condemning yourself. If it’s a fetish which is harmless like being fond of spiked heel or curvy women or simply thin people, all this are sexual idiosyncrasies and are normally not harmful. Only if the fetish involves harm to ones body or to others, does it become necessary to eradicate it.

2 – De-sensitization Training

You can also try desensitization training. For this what you need to do is get a picture of a thing which you have a fetish about, let’s consider a utterly flabby girl. Now keep staring at the picture, of course your fetish is going to come on with a vengeance. Now you mentally take a step back and see it as if you are observing it with a skeptical eye. Think aloud why you are aroused by such and such. Is it a good thing or a bad. Keep practicing this and soon you will be able to rid yourself of your fetish

3 – Find another focus

You could try and develop another kind of sexual response, rather find another object to focus your sexual energies on.

4 – Yoga / Meditation

Try self meditation or yoga. These things help divert our mind to things which are better, they also help us achieve a sense of control over our lives. People who practice yoga often have a good way of channeling their energies in to something better.

5 – Confiding Your Partner

Sometimes confiding in your partner will also help you deal with a fetish, together both of you can work up on something to help you break the fetish

6 – Professional Assistance

You might also consider taking some sort of professional help if your fetish is controlling your life and sexual matters.

7 – Cognitive Therapy

Another way to get rid of a fetish is to try this cognitive therapy. It works most of the time and is a good way of getting rid of a fetish for good. You might need your partner’s help in this one.

What you do is to place whatever fetish you have in front of you, as soon as you start getting aroused, you are exposed to something which disgusts you. This continuous conditioning behavior will help you get rid of a fetish faster then just about anything else.

8 – Psychoanalysis

If the fetish is getting out of control you might need to go for a psychoanalysis which will also be worked upon with a medication of some sort to stop getting you aroused too often.

Whatever your fetish is try the above mentioned tips to get rid of it for once and for all!


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