17 Killer Tips To Get Rid of Pigeons Once and For All 

A pigeon is a bird that mostly feed on seed or fruit. It is known to be intelligent, complex and in the line of a dove. Once they invade a town, they make the place inhabitable. Their droppings are not only capable of destroying the top and walls of buildings, but are also harmful to humans.

Pigeon is potentially able to cause various diseases. They may also be infested with fleas that really feast on you. Pigeon poop is said to contain uric acid, bacteria and fungi that are potential hazards.

pigeons infograph

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Here are some important tips that will greatly help you to get rid of the pigeon.


Scare The Bird

Scaring the birds is seen as one of the oldest ways of dealing with them. The only difference comes with the method you use to send them away. The crude old ways have been potentially replaced by some easy and better ones.

Some of these ways may be temporary as the stubborn bird can easily come back once you are not there to perform the duty or even the moment they realize you have been playing tricks with them.


Using Banging Tools

To deter the birds from a small area, you can use a banging tool. The snaps made are in such a way that they explode when the birds land. This normally scares them away. It is an already proven and effectively method of keeping the bird at bay.

This method is however more effective in deterring birds in a small area. It is a safe way for everyone and especially for children who may want to interfere.


Introducing Predators

falcon or hawk

Most preys are afraid to go near predators at any given time. Using a predator is a perfect way of keeping off the bird. As you may not have a live predator, you can opt for a structure of a predator. This can be a statue of an owl or a hawk.

The fact that the “predator” will be stationary for most of the time is easily realized by the intelligent birds. It is therefore good to note that this is only a temporary way. If you can put up an action decoy, then you can be assured that it will work effectively.

The owl can rotate at minimal breezes and frighten the bird. It can be kept at the roof area to protect the building or even properties. The advanced decoy comes at a higher cost than the others.


Reflective Items

Another way to get rid of the bird through scaring is to put up items that are disruptive. You can use reflective tapes, some devices that produce noise, and anything that is reflective.

This may be on a temporal basis but can go a long way into deterring the small headed birds and keeping them away for some time. The idea can also be employed on the eyes of the scarecrow that is given reflecting eyes.


Using Pressured Water

While throwing items to the birds may be a tiring event, you can as well choose to direct the water coming from a hose pipe on them. It is only clear that they cannot withstand the pressure that comes with the water.

This however is just another way that solves the problem temporarily. It can also be viewed as a time consuming and expensive way all together. A lot of water may be lost in the long run. However, this may be effective in the end since the birds will learn to keep off your place as you constantly send them away.



If you have the right equipment and the area you plan to deter is big, then you can go the sonic way. The sounds are projected by parametric speakers to produce frequencies that keep off the bird.

The ultrasonic devices were an invention made to keep off problematic birds that flew in the direction of the air-crafts. The method is most effective for warehouses, farms and structures and buildings.

This method was first used by aircraft operators who constantly hit birds on their way and this had proven a challenge for them. Since they could never put up barriers, they came up with the brilliant idea that was later adapted by many.


Anti Spiking Barriers

It is only obvious that a bird perches where it finds appropriate and comfortable. If that is the case, then you can act by making the place not suitable. Setting up some spike strips on tops of the buildings or where they enjoy perching is a brilliant idea.

The anti-roosting spike strips are available at the hardware or garden stores around you. With this in place, the pigeons will be always on the move and never find a place to settle. Many houses have been treated with the spikes at the roof.

This is one place where the birds can perch and contribute to destroying the roof.


Applying Surface Repellents

Pigeon surface repellents are applied where the birds perch. The gel has a unique effect of repelling the bird. It has substances that make the bird uncomfortable to perch when it sticks on the sole.

This pest control products are able to keep the bird away once sprayed or applied as gel. You can get them from shops that sell pest control products. Surface repellents are preferably the best.

They are applied on the sills, rafters, beams, and any other place that a pigeon finds it easy to perch. The gel used is however not harmful and does not have chemicals or harmful substances.


Using Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Generally, pigeons don’t like pepper. It is therefore an appropriate and good method of keeping them away by giving them what they do not like. Spraying a lot of it where they usually roost is enough to keep them away. Doing this repeatedly and mostly in wet weather is known to work better and is more effective.

The unbearable condition is never inviting to the birds. Since they are known to be sharp, I believe this will work as a precaution to them that they are not needed in that area. using pepper may not be good be children as some may go tasting what comes their way.


Strings for Perches

Every bird enjoys the comfort that gives a nice place to perch, rest and have a view. Pigeons are not an exception. They will probably not stay anywhere they are not able to roost and balance well. Once you identify their favorite perching site, you can add a string running across the spot.

The best string for this matter will be an all weather resistant string that is able to stand harsh conditions and stay for longer. With this kind of string, the bird will not be able to balance well and will have problems. in this case,it will therefore find it useless to stay around. This will work to your advantage since you will have managed to keep the pigeon off your area.


Mesh Wires and Barriers

For the area that are enclosed like the ware houses and homes. You can install barriers of different types. A piece of plastic mesh netting can be rolled over the area. Or even install sheet metal blocks lying at an angle of 6o degree.

You can also use a pigeon netting to act as a barrier. However, it is important to take caution and make the barriers safe for everyone. Some of this barriers if not placed they can fall on strangers or people who do not know of their existence. it is therefore important to be careful while putting them up.


Birth Control Measures

Where eliminating is not an option, you can as well deal with their number by controlling the trend of hatching. Birth control measures are put into action where the eggs are made not to hatch.

The rate of breeding in pigeons is extremely high and stopping hatching can proof vital. If they are left uncontrolled, the number can really grow big.This method is said to be friendly and a perfect solution to the menace of the birds. The best way to challenge the growth of any population is to use the birth control measures.



One of the factor that greatly dictates the growth of a population is the availability of food. Cutting short the supply of food is a direct cut to the population is general.

The main sources of food for the pigeons are seeds, olive trees, grass seeds, dog and food leftovers, pyracantha bushes and others. try to keep the sources out as much as possible. putting up barriers where there are sources of food works well to keep the food further away


Keeping Food Away

Feeding pigeons in your home will be inviting them for a long time. try as much as you can not to leave bird feeders with feeds outside. On the other hand, never feed them or let them find something to eat from your place. Once they identify your home as a place where they can find food, they will never fail to visit you.

I can assure you that they will keep it in their mind for a long time that you provide them with food. In this scenario, you can brace to get uninvited guests. This can only be corrected when you avoid giving them food.


Pigeon Trap

pigeon trap

Pigeon trap is another way to deal with the bird which is nicknamed as the “flying rat”. This is because of its immense ability to work as a pest. Some new models have been placed in the market to combat the bird. A single trap can take up to 30 birds.

A bait is useful to entice into the trap.you can use a corn or water for that matter. They give a humane catch and are effective. You may consider putting up the birds for a meal if you are comfortable with that. A word of caution though is passed because some may not be not be fit to eat. Pigeon eating is therefore not advised.



Shooting is another way of dealing with the bird. It is however ineffective where the number of the birds is high. It is also not viable in urban areas. It can only take an experienced shooter to use this method.

You can imagine someone not very good in shooting wasting the bullets trying to shoot. You should as well be careful putting in mind that a dead pigeon is even more harmful than a live one.

They are more infested with parasites and diseases that can easily be passed on to you. it does not depict a good picture all together of birds lying down dead out from gun shots


Pigeon Poison

Pigeon poisoning is not one of the best method of dealing with the pigeon menace that I can recommend. One of the most popular poison used on the bird is Avitrol. It is widely used in America.

The disadvantage of using poison baits to kill the pigeon is that other wildlife may easily fall victims of the poison. Any other animal that takes the carcass for food will fall in the same direction.

Although manufactures have denied the claim that the chemical is harmful, the fact remains it cannot be fully trusted to be safe.whereas there are better ways of dealing with the bird, it is only fair that we be humane and handle all animals and birds the right way.

There is doubt that pigeons are a big challenge and an infestation. The birds which were introduced for meat have now turned to be a menace. The fact that they mess the buildings with their droppings, cause diseases, spread fleas, eat seeds and fruits in the fields make it even bad. In fact, they deserve the name Flying rats.


All in all, the above measures have been used to control them and have been useful for people in rural and urban areas. You can choose the method that fits you best but remember to be humane. It is easy to control the troublesome birds if you employ the suitable method.

I can highly recommend that you try and see for yourself. One thing I am sure about is that with this information you will never go wrong in getting rid of Pigeons

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