18 Useful Home Remedies To Get Rid of Clover Mites

Though a rare nuisance, clover mites are known to cause more alarm than is really necessary. During the early periods of spring and at other times in the fall, small dark spots moving along window thresholds, sills, or door jambs are some of the signs that these creatures have moved indoors.

There could be a remote possibility that you may not have been infested by clover mites but instead chigger which resemble in appearance, read our article on how to get rid of chiggers in home.

What do Clover Mites Eat?

Although unwelcome, the presence of clover mites creates no danger for humans or pets inside. Their food supply comes from clover and grasses, not blood as is customary with many varieties of mites.

When crushed, their bodies do exude a reddish brown substance, which leads many to believe they are parasitic on animals or people; however, this red color is just their pigmentation and has nothing to do with their diets. Also in contrast to many mites, clover mites are not arthropods; instead, they are close relatives of spiders in the family of arachnids.

Normally, a well-fed lawn is the favorite habitat of clover mites, where they feast upon a number of grasses and plants. There are more than 200 different varieties of plant life on which these creatures have been discovered, sucking the sap from the hapless plant.

Mold and algae are also forms of food for these mites. They rarely venture far from their source of food once it has become an established buffet for them.

It is when the grasses die away or before they begin to green that the clover mites begin a migration that may include inside of your home. They do not cause any damage to buildings or structures, and will not bite animals or humans.

Their life cycle lasts around 30 days, beginning from the hatching of eggs which have been laid in tree bark, cracks within wooden fencing or foundation walls.

The emerging mite immediately begins searching for a host plant, where it will remain through its two nymphal stages. Two generations are usually produced in one season; one in the spring and the second in the fall.

Get Rid of Clover Mites Once and For All

Below is a list of remedies that can help to get rid of clover mites:

1. Swipe them with a damp cloth

If a generation of clover mites has made their way into your home, they can be easily eliminated with a swipe of a damp cloth. This will crush the mites and clean away the reddish residue from their bodies.

On the floor, a thorough vacuuming will eliminate any of the pests. They are unable to survive inside and away from their food source. Remember to dispose of the vacuum bag. Wash any infested areas thoroughly with hot water. Most importantly block or screen all areas that the clover mites were established so that no more of them can exist, hence no more of the mites menace.

2. Hot shower with Epsom salt

Epsom salt

Clover mites on the human body can be gotten rid of by showering with hot water, loofah, and Epsom salt. Scrub the mites off your body thoroughly. Wash your hair with a mixture if vinegar and water. Tea tree oil is also quite helpful.

Dry your entire body with a clean towel and apply a spray deodorant which contains Aluminum Chlorohydrate. This will not just kill the mites but also repel them too. Spray the deodorant on your clothes too and you will be safe from the clover mites.

3. Vacuuming clover mites

The best way for the clover mites removal is the vacuum cleaning. With the vacuum cleaning the clover mites and the dead human cells found on the lawns will be wiped off so that you could sleep on a bed which is dust and bed bugs free. As always we spend almost our one-third of the life on the beads so it should be made clean for all the time.

While vacuuming your carpets make sure that you move all the furniture so that you get to clean all portions of your carpet and not just the center of it. By the use of a hygrometer, you can measure the humidity level in your rooms.

Make use of the hygrometer and keep the humidity level below 50% so that clover mites will not be able to survive anymore in that particular place. A de-humidifier can come to use in this case.

4. Wash clothes in boiling water

Apart from vacuuming twice in a week, wash your bedclothes in boiling water once in a week. This can kill the clover mites that are accumulated in your bed sheets and pillows. Usage of commercial cleansers is also advised to destroy them.

Make sure your wardrobe or closet is always kept closed.This is because clothes are a very cozy location where the dust-mites find it very comfortable to survive. Washing your clothes in lukewarm water with suitable detergents proves to be an effective way of fighting them.

5. Maintaining your air ducts ever clean

Air ducts are not cleaned often, and this helps the clover mites to survive safely at your home. Hiring the service of a professional duct cleaner can give better results than you cleaning it on your own. Do not forget to change the air filter of your air conditioning system on a regular basis.

An air conditioner with unclean filter blows out dust and mold.Use of a vapor steam cleaner is also an effective way to remove them. Always try to use dust-mite covers to cover your mattress. This could reduce the accumulation of them and other allergens on your bed to a large extent.

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