How To Get Rid Of Burnt Popcorn Smell

There are many foods that when cooked, leaves a distinctive odour and Popcorn are among those foods. If you are planning on having friends around within the upcoming two or three days after you have burnt popcorns, then you need to get rid of the smell as soon as possible.

Burnt popcorn smell is rather awful and can leave a severe odour in the house. This odour might come from left over popcorns that may leave a stain on your oven, so initially you should erase all of the stains. Soapy water and then volatile liquid free nail polish can erase the stains.

Solutions to Burnt Popcorn Smell

There are several easy ways to get rid of burnt popcorn odor out of the house.


Another technique one could use is vinegar. Keep a bowl of vinegar and turn on the microwave till the vinegar steams. Once a high quantity of steam has emerged, turn off the microwave and open the door after a minimum of ten minutes.


Use Charcoal

Place charcoal briquettes in your microwave to soak up the smell. Keep them there for some hours.

Soap Water

Clear out your microwave with hot soapy water. You can merely place a pack of baking soda in your microwave. Ensure you shut the microwave door. Leave it for one or two days, and then open the door for an entire day.

Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Cut two lemons and keep them in a bowl. Add quarter cup of water and put the bowl inside the microwave. Heat the bowl for 2 to 3 minutes. After it has been heated, keep the bowl in the microwave for a few hours. After you have taken away the bowl, clean your microwave with a cleaning agent.

Place the lemons for five minutes in microwave and then leave them there for further ten minutes. Cooking the lemons in this way will remove the burnt popcorn odor.


Let fresh air come into your home by opening the windows and turning on the fans. If it is winter, people might not be able to open the windows for long, but this is one of the best ways to get rid of burnt popcorn odor with fresh air.

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