How To Get Rid Of Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is an acute infection of the tonsils, making them appear red and swollen and is generally a very painful condition, which makes swallowing very difficult. Tonsillitis is not relegated to being a childhood disease but can affect adults as well and can lead to severe problems when left untreated.

It is characterized by the appearance of pustules of pus on the tonsils. Several complications might also arise if it’s not treated promptly.

8 Useful Remedies For Tonsillitis

Read on to see how to get rid of tonsillitis with these few basic steps.

1 – Gargle with Warm Salty Water

gargle daily
Gargle with Warm Salty Water

Another good and natural way of getting rid of tonsillitis is to gargle with warm salt and water. The salt has a soothing effect and is also a good source of anti bacterial mechanism which works to lessen the soreness and the redness.

It’s a method which has been around for decades, even before the advent of over the counter medicines. It’s tried and tested and when done with diligence can help get rid of tonsillitis.

2 – Anti oxidant Juice

Anti oxidant juice, made from green leafy vegetables and tomatoes are a great way of healing throat problems.

3 – Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

Warm water and honey with a dash of brandy also known as a hot toddy, is a great way of soothing your throat. The vitamin C in the lemon is a good source of healing the pustules caused by tonsillitis

4 – Turmeric and Milk Drink

A tasty and delicious drink made from jaggery, milk and turmeric is a great way of soothing your throat. Turmeric is known to have anti bacterial properties which will help heal your throat and will also soothe it.

5 – Neem Leaves Drink

Neem Leaves Drink

If tonsillitis is accompanied by fever, a drink made with neem leaves (you need to boil 15 leaves of neem is 6 ounces of water until only two ounces remain and add a bit of honey to it). This drink will help bring the fever down and the honey will provide soothing relief to your throat.

Its an old remedy which is known to be quite effective in breaking the fever and getting rid of other various health problems as well.

6 – Cool Air Humidifier

A cool air humidifier can be a great way to keep the throat moist. Also adding a bit of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil will help sooth any irritation in the throat and the fumes when inhaled will cause relief from congestion and phlegm as well.

7 – Take Lozenges

Take Lozenges

Lozenges can also be taken to soothe the throat. However these must be used in limited quantity because they might prove to be abrasive in the long run.

8 – Take Antibiotics

Often if you go to a doctor, you would be prescribed a dose of antibiotics. If the tonsillitis is of a viral nature, then it might go away on its own in time with only soothing medications but bacterial tonsillitis must be treated with antibiotics. People suffering from frequent episodes of tonsillitis often have to have their tonsils removed.

If you experience several episodes of tonsillitis, the only option at such times is a tonsillectomy which includes the removal of both the tonsils. Its often a last resort treatment and is done only because frequent doses of antibiotic treatments have proved to be unsuccessful.

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