How To Get Rid Of Hives

Hives are the result of eating unhygienic food, using cheap beauty products and detergents that people have used. Another reason is that stress can weaken the immune system making people prone to allergies. So, here are some tips that will make you get rid of hives.

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Getting Rid of Hives

  • Firstly, the person who is suffering from hives should soak in warm water, taking oatmeal bath to sooth their skin and relieve itching. This is a very useful method for those who get hives on larger parts.
  • Another solution is to use herbal antihistamines such as basil, colds foot, and stinging nettle to reduce hives.
  • Even herbal teas with chamomile and green tea are very helpful to overcome hives as it reduces inflammation.
  • You should even apply a cold, wet compress on the hives areas to reduce swelling. Wrap an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables in a soft cloth and apply it to the affected area for a while.
  • People should also eat good food to improve health and beauty of skin.
  • Try to wear loose, light weighted, comfortable clothes when you experience a sudden break out of hives. Hives can irritate when fabric rubs against them, becoming worse as a result. By wearing loose clothes, your skin gets a chance to breathe and might be able to fight back naturally.
  • Even cold baths are also helpful. Cold temperature causes your blood vessel to shrink. As a result, histamine can no longer be produced, thereby focusing on your skin to healing the hives already there.
  • To overcome hives, work and sleep in cool rooms avoiding conditions that can cause you to sweat or feel hot.
  • Wash your body with mild soap and opt for lukewarm water. But remember to be careful as it is a very sensitive situation and carelessness can cause even worse situation. Choose a soap free from perfumes or dyes. Baby soaps are best to use.
  • Avoid any sort of stress. Some chronic hives are a result of stress. So, remove yourself from the stressful situation. Calm yourself down. Consider listening to music, meditating, or practice yoga.
  • Try to stay away from other potential triggers. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and any sort of food additive that are commonly known triggers.
  • Stay away from open air areas as insect bites and stings can also react in such a situation.
  • Try to apply oatmeal to your skin as it has soothing properties that can relieve itching.
  • Take fish oil capsules to treat chronic hives. It reduces the frequency of hives.
  • Make and use a paste of baking soda with water. Apply it directly to your hives.
  • You may also apply diluted vinegar which would be helpful.
  • You may take nettle capsules or supplements to overcome frequency of hives.
  • You may also brew a cup of tea as all herbs are sedatives.

In order to have hive free life, use these proven methods.

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