How To Get Rid Of Ear Ringing

Hey there! Been from a Loud party? Cannot tolerate loud noise? Does your ear go bonkers when you turn up the volume? You might be having something called ‘Tinnitus’- That is ringing in the ears for the layman. Here are a few techniques that might come in handy the next time you experience it.

Before you read this, please understand that a trained doctor is the best option for persistent tinnitus. Nothing can come close to a doctor physically examining you for an in-depth diagnosis . That said try the remedies given below,

how to get rid of ear ringing

1. The Popular head thumping technique:

One of the reasons for ear ringing is because of disturbance and simulation in your ear’s receptors (cochlea is the fancy word). This sends signals to your brain, which usually gives you a headache.

Now, cover your ears with your palms. Your middle fingers should be pointing towards each other, on top of your head’s rear. The pose is similar to how convicts surrender in television. Now who said watching television is a waste of time. Now start drumming with your index finger lightly on your skull’s rear. This movement might be somewhat similar drumming on African drums. The idea is to simulate noise on the ears.

2. Medicine:

Make your irritation less noticeable by asking your doctor for tricyclic antidepressants (this is a branch of a class of drugs which you may know as pain killers).

3. Food:

Try to bring in food into your diet, which increase blood flow to your head and neck. Remember, this is not an instant cure- it takes about 45 days for you to notice any significant relief. Do not eat foods that suppress your blood flow: coffee, cigarettes (or any other substance containing nicotine). If you can’t stay off them, at least try to limit them.

4. Noise suppression:

Try to bring other tolerable noise near you, like a buzzing fan, or play an audio tape of a waterfall, something pleasant. This will transition your ears to focus on semi-loud noise.

5. Avoiding Loud Areas:

Prevention is better than cure. Or so they say, try to avoid places that seem too loud for your (or your ears) comfort. Also wear noise canceling gear when you ‘must’ go near such areas.

Note: Do not wear them outside where noise is necessary, for example walking near footpaths, driving, etc…

6. Stress Free Mindset:

Yes, stress can make a bad situation worse. Do something that calms you down, this will put you in a frame of mind for tackling you irritation. Do yoga, or some relaxing exercise.

7. Wait for it to subside:

After a few sessions of yoga, you will have enough patience and tolerance to try waiting it out. If the ringing is tolerable, try focusing on something for a few minutes and try to ignore the ringing. If this helps then congrats, you’ve developed a better tolerance level!

8. Rest:

Adequate rest is a must- this is when our body starts repairing the damage done in the day. So since ear hairs inside the cochlea evidently is a part of our body, and since they are so damn irritating, it is highly recommended to get enough peaceful sleep.

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