How To Get Rid of Back Acne Naturally

Acne is a disorder that can occur at any part of the body. It usually arises because of pores blockages. This result in sebum and protein trapped under the human skin. Because of the severe pain associated with it, back acne is a frustrating experience and many people would not like to have such an experience.

Usually back acne can form on the upper hands, on the buttocks, and the back. It can manifest in different forms such as blackheads, pimples, cysts, pustules and so on. These conditions are often painful whenever they occur. Back acne starts at the puberty, and that is because of over production of sebum. This sebum is produced by sebaceous glands.

What Causes Back Acne?

When there is an overproduction of the sebum, it leads to the clogging of hair follicles. This can result in acne. The condition can also arise because of sweating, and wearing of tight clothes and other conditions. Apart from the back acne, there is facial acne as well.

Nobody would like to relieve the bad experience of back acne. This is because the condition can be embarrassing. This is why patients look for the most effective way of getting rid of back acne when the signs begin to manifest. Even getting it treated can also be frustrating, especially if you do not handle that situation very well.

In this article we’ll share with you some of the best home remedies to for back acne treatment.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Back Acne Fast

1. Wash your back

The first treatment option is to wash your back properly. You have to do this using a scrubber. There are different types of scrubbers that you can use. Your choice should depend on the severity of the problem.

Scrubber helps clean your back very well. It is necessary that you clean all the dirt and oil at your back, and you can do this properly using a scrubber. Apart from that, it would easily unclog all pores at your back.

Apart from scrubbers, you can use the right soap. The best type of soap that you can use is called the salicylic acid soap. It is recommended, because it could clean that excess oil at your back.

2. Apply tea tree oil at your back

Tea Tree Essence
Essential Oil Bottle.Tea Tree Essence


When you have successfully washed your back, you have to follow it by applying tea tree oil to your back. You have to do this immediately after you have washed your back. Tea oil is recommended because it could get rid of bacteria retained at your back.

3. Apply Apricot Juice

Apricot juice is another thing that you can apply at your back and allow it for at least ten minutes. You have to apply this at least once daily. Keep applying it, until you have achieved the expected result. You have to exercise patience while doing that, as the healing does not occur overnight.

4. Consume healthy food

Another way of getting rid of acne from your back is to consume only healthy foods. It is recommended that you limit the quantity of saturated fat and sugary food you consume.

Some of the foods you should avoid eating includes, junk foods, chips, cakes, cookies, fries, food burgers, as well as sugary sodas and several others. These foods are not good for your condition because they could produce more oil and many of them could spike insulin and they can cause hormonal imbalance.

These are not good for your condition. Because of this, you should consume more of nuts, fruits, whole wheat foods, veggies, lean meats, and several others.

5. Exposure to sunlight

Another useful home remedy you can try to get rid of back acne is direct exposure to sunlight for about ten to fifteen minutes. When you combine this with a body dip into salt water, it can help remedy the problem. The best way to fight pimples is by drying your skins naturally. Wash your back daily using loofah or washcloth and dry your skin gently after that. You can apply other medications after you have done that washing.

6. Apply Aloe Vera Juice

aloe vera juice
Aloe Vera Juice

You can also get rid of back acne by applying Aloe Vera juice to your back. It is recommended that you apply this at least two times every day. This will facilitate the healing process.

7. Make some changes in your lifestyle

Perhaps the acne treatment is to make changes in your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a woman, it is recommended that you wear a clean bra. It is recommended that you change your bra, ensure that the one you wear daily is fresh.

It should tight you such that it does not have to rub your acne as you move about. This could be very irritating. Moreover, strapless bra is better because it could reduce redness from occurring at your shoulder blades.

8. Shower immediately after sweating

It is recommended that you shower immediately after sweating. When such sweats are not washed, it could clog on your back and this would provide bacteria the opportunity to rot in your body. Do not allow sweat to be retained in your body.

9.  Remove Conditioner

Always remove the conditioner out of your hair during showering. This can cause back acne or it can worsen the situation. This is why it is recommended that you wash your hairs properly during washing. You must ensure that conditioner is washed away while taking your bath.

You must ensure that conditioners are not given the opportunity to invade your back. There are different ways to do this. It is not recommended to use hot water, this is because it would open the pores and this is not the best for getting rid of back acne. To ensure a thorough washing, it is better to wash your back last after you have actually conditioned and shampooed it.

10. Replace laundry detergent

It could be a good idea if you replace your laundry detergent. This option is recommended if your skin is sensitive. If you use detergent that irritates your skin, you have to replace it with something better. Anything that irritates your skin could easily lead to acne. Switch to a skin friendly products.

15. Wash Sheets Regularly

Wash Sheets regularly
Wash Sheets Regularly

You should form the habit of washing your bed sheets regularly. This is because dust and dead skin cells often collect on your sheets. If you have a pet that sleeps on your bed, you need to wash that bed sheet regularly. It is recommended that you replace or wash your bed sheets at least two times weekly.

In the same way, bleach such sheets, this will ensure that bacteria left over in the bed sheets are completely removed. After bleaching, ensure that the chemicals are completely removed from your clothes.

Other useful tips

As already mentioned apart from using tea tree oil, you can also use glycolic acid, as well as zinc supplements. These could relieve those pains associated with the back acne. Furthermore, other home remedies recommended include wearing breathable clothes and wearing of loose fitting. These could offer some relief for the problem.

Best Back Acne Medication

Other treatment options are available for you if you are suffering from back acne. Here are some of the medications that you can try:

1. Over the counter drugs

There are different over the counter drugs formulated for the treatment of back acne. Best product recommended for that includes those that contain benzyl peroxide, resorcinol, sulfur, as well as salicylic acid and so on. These over the counter drugs are specifically formulated for the treatment of acne.

Before you apply any of such products, you have to be informed of the possible side effects as some of them could lead to dryness and redness of the skin. If you notice any side effect, you can consult your doctor or you minimize the frequency of its use. Always change to an alternative product when the effect becomes severe.

2. Prescription medications

If you are finding it hard to get treatment through over the counter drugs, you can consult your doctor for some prescription drugs to treat the ailment. Dermatologist would assist you with the right medication that cures the problem quickly.

There are different types of prescription drugs that can be administered and they include oral and topical medications. Your doctors know the right prescription to administer to you. Some doctors prescribe antibiotic drugs and so on.

3. Skin treatment

These days certain types of treatments are reserved for the skin. One of such that you can try is the laser procedure also called the photodynamic therapy.

There are other skin treatments that you can try these days which includes cortisone, which is often injected into the skin cysts. It is advisable to work with your doctor about the best treatment for your skin diseases like acne.

If you know any other useful home remedies for acne treatment, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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