How To Get Rid Of Rosacea

Rosacea is very common skin condition; the face tends to get inflamed and red. It usually appears of fair skinned people within the age of thirty to fifty. Rosacea cases mostly happens to females, but it does happen to males are more inclined to develop rhinophyma from it.

It was never determined where Rosacea originally came from or how to permanently remove it. The cause of the redness and inflammation is from the enlargement blood vessels. It can be caused by a lot of factor like gastrointestinal disease, sun exposure or bacteria.

People actually misdiagnose themselves of Rosacea and think it is just a simple sun burn or acne. Rosacea transitions from one stage to the other.

  1. Facial Redness (Looks like sunburn)
  2. Increase in Redness on the nose, chin , forehead and cheek (Flushing or sunburnt look)
  3. Red bumps and telangiectasia. (May look like pus filled pimple and thin red lines)
  4. Skin in and around the nose becomes thicker and bumpier. (The nose looks swollen)

There is no way to completely prevent Rosacea but you can lessen the symptoms. Emotions like anger fear and irritation can trigger the symptoms. Spicy food, alcohol, extreme sunlight, cold and heat can also aggravate the condition.

Get Rid of Rosacea

There is no permanent cure to Rosacea but there are a few things you can do to lessen the skin condition.

1 – Find the Cause

Stop anything you are doing that you might think is triggering the condition. It can be from a new makeup product. A bad habit or too much exposure to the sun. If you find out the cause of the condition the easier it is to treat.

2 – Clean and Sunblock

Do not use facial products that uses alcohol. Use lukewarm water and a very mild soap. Use sunscreen regularly especially when planning of going out. Buy sunscreen with SPF 30 or more. Check first if the sun block you are applying has any physical side effects on your skin condition.

3 – Concealer

If you really need to get rid of the redness today. The best way you can do is to cover it up. Use corrective concealers that uses a green based tint, this balances the redness of the face. ConcealerSmall dots of concealer and apply very gently to prevent the condition to worsen. Blend it with your fingers or with a makeup sponge.

4 – Healthy Diet

Try eating foods that are healthy and hydrating. This helps the blood vessels to circulate properly. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidant that can moisturize the skin.

5 – Medicine

If you go to your doctor he/she may advice you to take antibiotics, It is mostly topical gel or creams. You can take oral medications like doxycycline. Do not take any medication that isn’t advice by your doctor.

6 – Eye drops

You can put eye drops on the pimple/ acne. Eye Drops has an ingredient that can remove the redness of the pimple. Use small cotton and soak it in the eye drops refrigerate it for a few hours. Place it on the area affected. Once the cotton is warm remove it and you will notice some of the redness fade.

7 – Laser

Treating the affected blood vessel or removing the bumps and tissue on the nose with lazer is effective.

8 – Surgery

Let’s hope it doesn’t get to this but if the Rosacea has done a lot of damage you can have surgeries to remove the abrasion. This can be done for the people who suffer from rhinophyma.

If you know any other useful remedy, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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