How To Get Rid Of Leg Hair

Leg hair is something which won’t look good while you are wearing a skirt and a short dress. With the approaching summer months and the hot weather to go with it, its time to hit the beach and get out those shorts which you have stored in your cupboard for so long.. However hairy legs are something which look unsightly and don’t look good on a woman at all.

Many people are wary of shaving their legs because the hair tends to spout in less then a week and the tiny stubs of new hair also look messy and make your legs look unkempt. A woman must look groomed all the time and nothing looks more beautiful then a pair of lovely and smooth legs encased in delicate sandals. Read on to find out ways of getting rid of unwanted hair on the legs.

How to get rid of leg hair

Tips on getting rid of leg hairs

• You could try shaving your legs, but that is not a most attractive option because it leads to ingrown hair and tiny stubs of ingrown hair causing your legs to appear rough and bumpy instead of smooth and shiny.

• If you have been shaving for too long, try moisturizing your legs with a good quality body lotion. You may also use a scrubbing cream to get rid of uneven skin.

• Waxing is also a good option and lets you enjoy hair free legs for a longer time then shaving does. With waxing you can also get rid of the dead skin and it leaves your legs feeling smooth and pretty.

• Using an epilator on the legs is also a good, if you can stand the idea of hundreds of hair being plucked one by one with a epilator machine, then by all means go ahead and buy an epilator. One advantage of using an epilator is that it gets rid of even the tiniest of hairs. Something which is not possible with waxing. However when using an epilator make sure you move in the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hair from sprouting up your legs.

• This is an old wives method. It involves taking a handful of gram flour and adding a little water to it to make a smooth paste, some people even add a bit of milk and rose water, but that is optional. Now apply this pate along the length of your legs and let it dry for a while. Once dry, try rubbing it off in a circular motion, this will help you get rid of the hair on your legs. Though it may not be possible in one go and require multiple attempts. But if you are a nature freak then you might even enjoy this method.

• Vaniqa is a cream which is known to retard hair growth. When applied diligently for 6 to 8 weeks, it can stop the growth of hair in that particular area.

• One of the more permanent methods is laser hair removal, but it costs a lot more then waxing or shaving.

• Electrolysis can also get rid of unwanted hair, but then again if you can afford multiple sittings a few hundred dollars, then by all means go ahead and get it done to get rid of unwanted leg hair.

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