How to Get Rid From Breast Stretch Marks

In general, stretch marks are caused when skin overstretches and the skin fibers break causing the blood vessels underneath the skin to show. They are caused by a number of factors which include pregnancy.

During this time, the body of a woman undergoes many changes. The release of progesterone and oestrogen causes the breasts to enlarge stretching the skin on the breasts to enlarge causing stretch marks. Stretch marks are also caused when there is weight gain.

They occur in areas where the body stores fat like the hips, abdomen and breasts. Genetics can contribute to a lady’s occurrence of stretch marks. Studies have revealed that some DNA genetic markers passed from one generation to another are linked to the development of stretch marks.

Health conditions such as Cushing’s syndrome which causes a decrease in the body’s natural collagen which keeps the skin elastic and stretchable.

Weight gain and loss

weight gain loss
Left: Weight Gain. Right: Weight Loss

Focusing on the breasts, the appearance of stretch marks on breast is caused by a number of things. First off, when there is weight gain or weight loss. When a woman gains weight, their Body Mass Index increases and their breasts increase in size so that the additional fat cells are accommodated.

The sudden or systematic increase in size causes the skin to tighten therefore stretch marks appear. They develop because the skin has not adjusted to the new size. The blood vessels under the skin show and cases of rapid weight loss also upset the skin and cause it to stretch. Weight loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding causes their appearance.

Lack of Exercise

The other reason is when there is no adequate exercise of the body. So formation of stretch marks is reinforced when a lady does not work out properly. Insufficient exercise is causes the skin to stretch because excess fat deposits are not burned underneath the skin as they ought to be.

Hormonal changes also causes stretch marks on breast. When a woman is transitioning into puberty there is an increase in the size of their breasts and the additional weight causes the skin to stretch. If a woman undergoes breast augmentation, there is a likelihood that they will have stretch marks. Genetics and health related problems contribute to this condition too.

How to get rid of breast stretch marks

So how do you get rid of stretch marks on the breasts? One, there are topical applications you can use. There are stretch marks lotions and creams which eliminate their presence on the breasts and also the whole body in general. They can be effective and safe for the skin.

What they do is that they increase the skin’s ability to be elastic by increasing the natural collagen. This is due to ingredients such as Vitamin E, aloe Vera, grape seed extracts and cocoa butter. The creams enrich the skin on the breast making them supple and boost elasticity of the skin.

Laser Technology

Secondly, there is a laser technology which gets rid of these marks. It makes use of pulsed ultraviolet light which promotes the secretion of elastin fibers and collagen. This process develops new skin cells replacing the stretched skin cells.

There are different forms of laser procedures like pulse dye laser treatment which heals damaged skin cells in the dermis, fractional laser treatment removes stretch marks and excimer laser eliminates excess pigmentation which makes stretch marks fade.

There are home remedies which can help one to get rid of them. They could just be in the reach of your kitchen. Home remedies like sugar, eggs, potatoes and lemon juice can actually work.

Use Lemon Juice


Mixing sugar with almond oil and lemon juice then apply by rubbing the mixture on the stretch marks. Fourth, since lemon juice is acidic, it helps reduce stretch marks. One should apply the lemon juice on the skin with circular motions.

And the lemon juice should be left to soak in the skin for around 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Fifth, potato juice restores the skin cells with the vitamins and minerals.

Eggs and Spa Treatments

Sixth, spa treatments help to get rid of stretch marks. These spa treatments include blue light therapy and microdermabrasion. Seventh, eggs are a rich source of protein and for stretch marks, one should only use the egg whites which are rich in amino acids.

One should whip a couple of egg whites and apply a thick layer of the egg whites on the area of the breast affected by stretch marks with a make-up brush. After one has done this, they should apply olive oil to keep the skin moisturized.

Exercise and Drinking Water


The eighth tip is more of a drastic move as it involves plastic surgery. Tissue can be removed to firm the breast. It depends on the location of the marks and the breasts’ contour. The loose skin is refilled since stretch marks loosen the elasticity of the skin.

Ninth, water helps a lot on firming up the skin and keeping it hydrated. Drinking water regularly will help in the detoxification of skin. It ensures that your skin remains hydrated and soft free from stretch marks. Tenth, physical exercise helps out a lot in getting rid of stretch marks.

Remember, inadequate exercise is one of the causes of stretch marks. Swimming, sit-ups and crunches are some of the workouts which can give you healthy and smooth skin.

Final Words

These are just some of the tips on how to get rid of breast stretch marks. These are different methods meaning that they work at their own pace with varying effectiveness. It would certainly depend on the extent at which the stretch marks appear and their severity.

It would also be great to know about your skin’s sensitivity as most of them are applied directly on the skin. If it is a medical procedure like laser or plastic surgery, it is advisable to consult with a doctor as to what will happen.

Stretch marks on the thighs and abdomen can be covered up but those that appear on the breasts can be visible even on a normal day. Breasts are attractive features of a woman and they need to look in great shape and healthy so that they can be confident.

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