Tired of Stretch Marks? Get Rid of Them with These 13 Simple Methods

While you shouldn’t be too self-conscious if you have noticeable stretch marks on your body—they are a natural side effect of everything from puberty to pregnancy, after all—it’s completely understandable if you’d prefer to get rid of them as fast as possible.

Luckily, you may not need to see a cosmetic surgeon to do so. True, in some cases, it’s necessary to seek professional attention to completely minimize the appearance of your stretch marks. However, there are also plenty of remedies you can try on your own to make these unsightly blemishes go away.

9 Useful Natural Remedies

The following methods don’t involve seeing a physician or undergoing any procedures. They simply require you to have some basic, natural products on hand.

Many of these may already be in your home. If they aren’t, you can easily find them at grocery stores, pharmacies, and natural food suppliers.

That said, you should remember that you may not experience immediate results. Some of these methods need some time before they take effect. Don’t dismiss them as useless if you’re not getting the results you want right away. Be diligent and patient, and you’re likely to find that they do indeed work if you’re willing to stick with them.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil
Use Castor Oil

Applying some castor oil to your skin can firm it up, making stretch marks much less visible. Pour some onto the area where your stretch marks are most easily visible, and massage it into your skin for at least five minutes. Then, wrap a thin but durable cloth over your body.

Once you’ve done so, get a safe, comfortable source of heat, like a hot water bottle, and hold it over the oil for about half an hour. Unfortunately, you need to repeat this process daily for at least a month before you’ll start to notice any changes. That said, once results do start to appear, you’ll be very happy to realize how inexpensive it can be to eliminate your stretch marks.

Lemon Juice

Hard as it may be to believe, lemon juice is one of the most useful tools available for getting rid of stretch marks. It’s also effective at reducing the appearance of scars and acne, that’s because its naturally acidic properties promote healing.

On top of that, using it to combat stretch marks is a very simple process. All you have to do is rub it into your skin. There’s no limit to the amount of lemon juice you can use, so feel free to go through one or two whole lemons while applying it.

Let your skin soak in the juice for at least five minutes before washing it away. If you’re patient enough, you’ll get better results if you let it soak for 10 minutes or longer.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera
Aloe Vera Promotes Skin Healing

Aloe vera is yet another natural product that promotes skin healing. On top of that, it’s been known to make skin much softer. That’s why so many moisturizers include it as an ingredient.

The next time you’re at a cosmetics store, ask someone to direct you to their aloe vera products. Make sure they understand you’re specifically looking for an item with a high amount of aloe vera in it.

After your daily shower, apply some to your stretch marks. As with many of the other methods listed here, you shouldn’t expect it to take effect right away. Don’t give up if you feel like you’ve been waiting too long to see results. Applying aloe vera after a shower is easy to do, and will improve your skin anyway, making it well worth your time.


Pure, raw white sugar naturally exfoliates your skin. It also makes stretch marks much lighter. Use it consistently, and they’ll soon be much less noticeable.

To get rid of stretch marks with sugar, mix a tablespoon with some almond oil. Add a few drops of lemon juice too. Apply this mixture to your stretch marks every day, before you take a shower. It will take about a month before your start noticing a difference.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil
Coconut oil

Stretch marks are essentially scars resulting from skin damage. Thus, it makes sense to use a treatment method which serves to promote skin healing. Coconut oil helps scars and other skin damage heal more quickly. Applying it to your stretch marks every day is a simple way to reduce their appearance.

This method is especially useful for stretch marks that are noticeably red. It will take some time for you to see any results, of course, but since coconut oil is already good for your skin, there’s no reason not to try using it on stretch marks.

Egg Whites

Egg whites contain both amino acids and protein, which play an essential role in skin health. This particular method might seem a little strange, but it can take effect in as little as two weeks, making it one of the more efficient natural remedies you may consider trying.

To see results, start by cleaning your skin thoroughly. Showering first might be your best option, if it’s convenient to do so.

Next, apply egg whites (not whole eggs) from two eggs to your stretch marks. Use a cosmetic brush to spread them. Of course, you want to be as careful as possible when doing this, otherwise the egg whites could drip onto your furniture or floor. Consider attempting this method in a bathroom, or another room where cleanup will be easy.

Wait until the egg whites dry thoroughly, then clean them off with cold water. Finally, apply some olive oil to your skin to keep it moisturized. If you do this every day, you’ll see your stretch marks begin to fade in less than a month.

Potato Juice

To eliminate stretch marks, you need to help your skin grow and heal. Luckily, potato juice contains vitamins and minerals that have this very effect.

All you have to do is take a potato and cut it into slices. Make sure the slices are relatively thick, otherwise there may not be enough juice in them for you to experience any effects.

Every day, take a potato slice and rub it over your stretch marks for a few minutes, until you get the sense that you’ve extracted most of the juice. Let it dry for about five minutes.

Try to sit still or lie down while doing this. You want to make sure your stretch marks absorb as much of the potato juice as possible. If you shift position, it could trickle down to other parts of your body that don’t need any treatment.


drink water fluid
Drink lots of water

No, you can’t get rid of stretch marks by sitting in the bath. If only it were that easy.

However, water can still play an essential role in diminishing their appearance. That’s because redness and inflammation tend to make stretch marks a lot more noticeable. By staying hydrated, you’ll reduce the inflammation, making stretch marks fade into your skin. Drinking enough water will also keep your skin moisturized, making your entire body look better as a result.

Most experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day, but this is only a minimum requirement. For better results, keep a refillable water bottle with you at all times. This will make it easy to drink more of it throughout the course of the day.

Want another reason to keep drinking water? Doing so flushes out a lot of the water your body is already retaining. This is an especially effective way to lose weight in your stomach. Best of all, drinking a lot of water requires almost no money or effort.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has been shown to make skin look smooth and youthful. It’s very effective at eliminating wrinkles, stretch marks, and other signs of aging.

Although you should strive to get most of your vitamins from food sources, if you’re trying to eliminate stretch marks, consider taking an oral supplement. Even better, ask a cosmetics specialist to recommend a topical cream with a good dose of vitamin A, and apply it to your stretch marks on a daily basis.

4 Effective Cosmetic Options

The remedies listed above use natural ingredients to slowly get rid of your stretch marks. That said, you may want more immediate results. If so, there are other approaches you can try. To optimize your results, consider using both a natural and cosmetic treatment. Together, they’ll compound the effects.



You may already apply concealer to your face to cover up blemishes. If so, there’s no reason not to take the same approach with other parts of your body.

Once again, this is a good time to speak with a cosmetics expert. Ask them to provide you with a concealer that matches your skin tone and is ideal for parts of the body aside from your face. Apply it to your stretch marks, using a generous amount to cover the entire area. Rub it in vigorously to make sure it blends with your skin as naturally as possible.

If you’re more patient, you’ll get better results by slowly and precisely applying concealer over each individual stretch mark with a brush.

This method won’t actually cause the stretch marks to fade. For that, you need to try either a natural or surgical treatment. However, it will cover them up. Thus, it’s a smart option to consider if you simply want to make them less noticeable for the day. You might want to apply it if you’re going to the beach, the gym, or any other place where your stretch marks might otherwise be exposed.


Dermatologists and health spas often provide microdermabrasion treatments. During a treatment, a specialist uses tools to remove the very top most layers of skin. This is safe, and involves little to no discomfort. Once those old layers are gone, healthier, firmer skin can grow in their place.

This method is often a very effective way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Just make sure you consult with a qualified and reliable professional before going this route. If your stretch marks aren’t particularly severe, it may not be necessary. Although microdermabrasion is safe, it’s much more expensive than a natural remedy. It’s also worth noting that some stretch marks fade on their own without any additional treatment.

Laser Treatments

Another treatment a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist may offer involves using lasers to reverse the scarring process. This can prevent stretch marks from showing up before they become noticeable.

However, if the scarring has already occurred—in other words, if your stretch marks are already red—then this method won’t be effective. If you notice them starting to form, you need to receive treatment within three months (at the most) to see any results.

Eat Right

Eat Balanced Diet
Healthy Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is always important. When you’re trying to promote skin health, it’s essential. For stretch marks, you especially want to include a healthy amount of vitamins C and E in your meals, along with zinc. Vitamin E is particularly effective, as it stimulates collagen growth. Collagen serves to keep your skin tight and firm.

To get the right amount of vitamin E, make sure you’re eating plenty of almonds, avocados, and olives. You might also want to speak with a nutritionist to find out if there are any essential nutrients you’re lacking. They can help you come up with a diet plan that promotes your overall wellbeing, while also helping to get rid of your stretch marks along the way.


It’s completely understandable if you don’t like the idea of living with stretch marks. They may be natural, but that doesn’t mean they look good. If you’re tired of trying to find clothes that will keep them hidden all year long, it may be time to start trying some of the remedies listed here.

Again, you may have to wait a few weeks or months before you start to notice results. Eliminating stretch marks essentially involves trying to make your skin heal more quickly. There are only so many ways you can hasten this natural process. However, if you invest enough time and effort, you will see tremendous results.

If your stretch marks are severe, you can also speak with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to discuss your medical options.

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