How to Get Rid Of Toilet Stains

Cleanliness of home might not be at the top of every ones list but cleaning the bathrooms and especially the toilet area is definitely something that no one overlooks. But cleaning the bathroom is not a very easy job to do. Not only the toilet with stains looks dirty but it is completely unhygienic too. Most of the times you go to a public restroom and you face the nauseating and unhealthy scenes in the toilet area. You do not want the same sight in your home at least that is why is absolutely necessary to make your washroom clean as much as possible.

Let us see different methods by which you can keep your toilet clean form all sorts of filth.

Getting Rid Of Toilet Stains

  1. The beauty of your toilet can be safeguarded by different chemicals and this is the most efficient and time saving way to clean your toilet but keep in mind that you are using the chemicals which in any way can damage the porcelain material with which your toilet is made off. The chemicals with which you can remove the toilet stains are bleach, vinegar, borax powder etc.
  2. Bleach is a great chemical which should be used when the toilet stains are hard enough that cannot be removed with vinegar. Powder half a cup of bleach (liquid or powder) in the toilet and leave the toilet for sometime. Wash your toilet thoroughly afterwards and you will see the difference.
  3. The most effective and used method of cleaning the toilet stains is by the use of vinegar. Pour a cup of vinegar in the bowl of the toilet in the night and leave it as it is till the morning. Thoroughly flush the toilet bowl in the morning and you will see your neat and clean toilet back again.
  4. Borax powder and oxalic acid are also good chemicals to be used for cleaning the toilet. Borax powder is cheap and easily available in the market. All you need to do is sprinkle the powder on the effected areas. Leave the toilet for about 30mins and after that wash your toilet bowl with the water. It will immediately effect on the toilet and the stains will be removed as if there were no stains whatsoever.
  5. There are people who have not any kind of chemical in their whole life to keep their toilet clean. The question comes how have they managed to keep their toilets clean for so long? And the simple answer is that they clean their toilets regularly. By regularly yes clean your toilet on daily basis because the longer the stains remain the harder it will become for you to remove.
  6. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that you should know what kind of toilet material your toilet is made off so that you will know the chemicals to use for that particular material.